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Optimize Your Tech Startup Funding: How AI Startup Companies Scale Smartly

Learn specific actions AI startup companies should follow to optimize their tech startup funding and be known as one of the best AI companies to invest in.

Sequoia One

Health Insurance for Small Companies in 2024: How a PEO Helps Negotiate Better Rates

As health insurance for small companies becomes more costly, Sequoia One helps startups secure affordable health insurance that attracts and retains top talent.

Sequoia One

How Sequoia One Grew from a Preferred PEO for Small Businesses to the Most Referred PEO in Tech in 10 Years

Learn how Sequoia One transformed from a PEO for small businesses into the Most Referred PEO in tech, offering PEO benefits, comp, HR, payroll & compliance.


Optimizing Your Total People Investment to Win and Retain Talent

Senior People Leader Supported By Platform Data

Unlock Your Total People Investment

Compensation Benchmarking on the Sequoia People Platform

Compensation Benchmarking

Insights & Reports

2024 Compensation Practices Report Cover

2024 Compensation Practices Report Sneak Peek

Get a sneak peek at the latest 2024 compensation practices trends and program changes to help make more informed decisions about your compensation strategy.

Return to Office Survey Thumbnail

2023 Return to Office Pulse Survey Results

Many employees still work remotely, years after the pandemic began. In our 2023 Return to Office Pulse Survey, see how companies are handling return to office policies.

Sequoia Going Global Playbook

Going Global Playbook

Sequoia's Going Global Playbook shares the paths and timelines for expanding a global workforce and breaks down the process into five areas.

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