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Take a strategic approach to investing in people

Sequoia is the partner of choice for companies looking to increase enterprise value with a compensation strategy that controls costs and maximizes retention. Our expert advisors partner with your leadership team to deliver a program that reflects the value you place in your people while ensuring your business thrives in any economic climate.

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We apply the same key ingredients to every client engagement. Powered by the Sequoia People Platform, our expert advisors and service team set the standard for what you should expect from a total people investment partner. 

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Backed by proven comp expertise 

With uniquely qualified backgrounds – from running total rewards at large enterprises to guiding the boards at countless VC-backed companies – Sequoia’s comp experts bring strategic and pragmatic guidance to our advisory practice. Their insights can be quickly operationalized through Sequoia Comp OS™, helping you bridge the gap between strategic potential and a fully-realized compensation program that drives higher enterprise value.

Forming an equitable pay philosophy that delivers on your people promise

Our compensation advisors have seen the market in times of boom and bust and will help you execute a strategy that contains costs while maximizing retention. We use predictive modeling, real-time benchmarking insights, and your own program data to help you articulate your approach:

  • Define the purpose of your compensation program
  • Know where you stand competitively in the bid for talent
  • Finely tune your pay and equity relative to the market

Using executive comp to strategically reward high-profile stakeholders

Our team has extensive experience advising both management and compensation committees on a wide variety of executive compensation and severance matters. We advise on:

  • Overall program competitiveness and affordability
  • Founder refresh awards
  • Performance equity award design

Guiding an equity program that’s affordable and sustainable

We’ll be your partner in roadmapping your company approach to equity with higher company valuation in mind:

  • Develop equity guidelines for employees and new hires
  • Request new share pool approvals from the board
  • Define how to split shares for different roles

Getting smart about IPO planning

Should your private company become a publicly-owned and operated entity, we’ll provide the guidance and support to:

  • Address governance requirements
  • Set up public company equity grant guidelines
  • Establish a new equity incentive plan and ESPP
  • Define the board structure and compensation

Sequoia People Platform

Complete compensation management for people-driven companies

With the power to see, measure, and understand the impact of your program, and the ability to course correct at a micro level or at scale, you can align your comp strategy with your evolving business goals, people needs, and economic situation.

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