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Sequoia Business Resiliency

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Sequoia’s Preparedness for COVID-19

As an integral partner to people-driven companies, we understand the critical importance of continuation of the delivery of services to our clients. To safeguard the ability to maintain our high standards of service, heightened security and safety, and wellbeing of the team and our clients’ and partners’ teams, we have activated our Sequoia Business Resiliency Program which includes:

  • Encouraging our team members to work from home and providing them with the tools to enhance the efficacy of a distributed workforce;
  • Deploying “Tiger Teams” to coordinate delivery of critical services, security and support to our clients, including daily situation meetings and additional resourcing;
  • Establishing additional technical procedures to enhance security of remote work locations;
  • Suspending business travel and encouraging virtual meetings;
  • Monitoring our core vendors for their capability to continue to support our clients with their products and services;
  • Distributing important communications to keep our team members, clients and their employees informed; and
  • Providing our team members, our clients and their employees with information and best practices to prevent the spread of illness.

A key aspect of our commitment to clients and their employees is making sure our clients are leveraging the Sequoia Platform, which includes:

  • The Sequoia PX (Mobile App): Allows our clients’ employees and their dependents to have access to their healthcare, wellbeing and virtual care options, support systems​ and information.
  • Sequoia HRX: Provides a secure place for our clients’ HR and Finance team members to communicate with their Sequoia team and access key data, financial modeling, resources and support.

We will continue to monitor this challenging situation and make adjustments as needed. For over 19 years, Sequoia has demonstrated unwavering support to our clients and we will continue to use every effort to deliver uninterrupted services in order to Take Great Care of our clients through this challenging time and beyond.

Questions and Answers

Do you currently foresee any concerns with Sequoia’s ability to continue supporting client operations at your standard levels?
Sequoia has been preparing our systems, processes and team for the potential time when all team members need to work from home. With that plan in place, we are able to continue servicing our clients.

Do you have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan that would enable Sequoia team members to perform their responsibilities remotely for an extended period of time?
Yes, Sequoia has contingency plans in place to allow business operations to continue in situations like this. The plan includes having Sequoia team members work remotely to support business operations and clients for an extended period, even with long-term office closures.

Have the systems / processes needed to support a remote work situation been tested?
We have tested the critical systems and processes needed to support extended work-from-home, and we believe that we have the capability needed to be able to continue to support our clients with a distributed workforce.

What security practices have you implemented during this time?
At Sequoia, the security and privacy of our client data is paramount. Sequoia has passed a SOC 2 + HITRUST CSF security audit which demonstrates the company’s commitment to protecting its systems and data. HITRUST CSF is a certifiable framework, process and body enabling companies to evidence their security control robustness and streamline security and compliance reviews. In addition, in light of the possibility of extended work-from-home scenarios, we have a number of other practices in place, such as centralized password management capability, required VPN for critical systems, security information event management tools and frequent team member training on cyber threats.