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And say goodbye to siloed people data, spotty insights, and looking in the rearview mirror. Sequoia HRX combines HR analytics and HR insights with Sequoia’s expert guidance to give you the proactive decision-making power to tie your people investment to better business outcomes.

Elevate HR’s strategic impact

As HR’s role shifts to become more integrated into the business strategy,  HR leaders are more accountable for measuring the impact of their total rewards programs. Sequoia HRX makes it easy for your HR team to truly understand, quantify, and qualify your increasingly-large investment in people.

Take total control of your total rewards

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Centralized program visibility

Sequoia HRX brings together all your data from previously-disconnected transactional systems and centralizes everything in one place for a holistic view of the programs that make up your total people investment.

Powerful decision drivers

With powerful HR analytics and HR insights, Sequoia HRX makes it easy to tie people data to total program costs and engagement, see where you stand compared to the market, and predict decision outcomes. Armed with this intelligence, you can instantly recognize opportunities to impact business performance, make quicker decisions, and adjust on the fly.

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Backed by Sequoia guidance

In Sequoia HRX, the Sequoia’s expertise comes into context like never before, uniquely curated for your business goals. You get digitally-delivered guidance from your Sequoia team to help you understand the trends you’re seeing, take recommended actions, and get more value out of your programs.

Your total people investment in high definition

With Sequoia HRX, you can unlock the business-critical benefits and people data previously stuck in disconnected, transactional systems to streamline program management and gain sophisticated HR insights. In the same place, you can collaborate with a responsive and experienced service team to support you and your people.

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I’m really excited about HRX because of the metrics available in the system. We can use those metrics to look at projections for what benefits might look like a year – or two years – from now.”

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