Compensation Management

Get smart about your comp strategy

Consistent pay and predictable spend are the cornerstones to a compensation strategy that can weather any economic climate. Influenced by a team of comp experts, Sequoia’s platform was designed to give you deeper visibility and better control over your people spend so that you can extend the value of your dollars. It’s an end-to-end solution that helps you establish equitable pay for your people while helping them fully realize all the ways you invest in them.

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Job Leveling

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Pay Ranges

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Workforce Analytics

Insights & analysis

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Total People Investment Insights on the Sequoia People Platform

Job Leveling

Level your playing field

Sequoia’s job leveling architecture leverages AI and marries it with expertise from our comp advisory teams to set the foundation you need to build a fair and competitive compensation structure for every job in your organization.

Detail of Job Leveling UI in the Sequoia Platform
Comp Benchmarking on the Sequoia Platform

Compensation Benchmarking

See how your comp measures up

Unlock exclusive competitive intelligence about compensation trends with real-time benchmarking that compares your company’s pay to the market.

Pay Ranges & Transparency

Build equitable ranges for every job

Set pay ranges that are informed by market data and aligned with your comp philosophy so you can activate a path to pay transparency, ensure consistent compensation, and keep spend predictable.

Detail of Job Leveling UI in the Sequoia Platform
Workforce Analytics on the Sequoia Platform

Workforce Analytics

Make your demographics make sense

With powerful workforce analytics, you can easily gain insights about how you’re compensating your people from the lens of diversity, salary disparity, job levels, and reporting relationships.

Rewards Statements & Candidate Offers

Put your total rewards on display

Make a lasting impression on employees and candidates with interactive total rewards statements and offer letters that showcase how much you’re investing in them.

Sequoia Mobile App with Total Rewards

Compensation Advisory Services

Our platform is backed by expert guidance

While innovation brings transformation, Sequoia will never abandon you to software. We use technology to strategically enhance the guidance and dedicated service we bring to every client engagement. Our platform layers Sequoia’s compensation expertise with a rich set of capabilities designed to help you make an immediate and lasting impact on your business.

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