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 About Sequoia

The total people investment company

Sequoia exists to come through for people who put their trust in us. Our mission, our core values, and our definition of success are all based on helping you get total people investment right. We’re in this business because we know that taking great care of your people leads to better business outcomes. Helping you achieve those outcomes is what drives our team, our strategic service offerings, and our technology forward.

Our legacy of innovation

Since day one, Sequoia has been finding new ways to help businesses care for their people. We have always valued innovation and firmly believe that technology has the power to unify, streamline, automate, and elevate the HR function at your company. But we will never abandon you to software. We use technology to strategically enhance the expert guidance and committed service we bring to every client engagement. 

Our client community

Sequoia’s focus on investing in people naturally extends to bringing people together. We’ve seen the virtuous value in connecting our own team members with our people-driven clients and partners through events and other thought leadership opportunities. We’ve also launched the Grove Online Community through the Sequoia People Platform to help clients share best practices, embrace new ways of thinking, raise the bar for how to take great care of people, and reshape our industry. 

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International Clients

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Team Members

For the past 23 years, Sequoia’s fundamental focus has been to come through for people — no matter what. To achieve that promise, we’ve organically expanded our capabilities so we can better guide our clients and help them get the most value out of their people programs.”

Careers at Sequoia


Do meaningful work, be part of shaping an industry, and join a team that celebrates the power of people — in our clients’ workplaces and in our own.


What makes Sequoia such a positive place to work is the quality of our people and the passion for service that unites us. 

Culture at Sequoia
Sequoia Commitment to Service

Commitment to service

As individuals, Sequoia consultants have a deep sense of service and expertise in the mechanics of HR, benefits, and employee culture. As a team, we are universally committed to coming through for our clients – no matter what.


At Sequoia, relationships matter. Always putting client interests first has earned us a reputation within our industry and, more importantly, the trust of our valued clients.

Giving Back

Our Sequoia Impact program provides our team members, families, clients, and partners a variety of opportunities to make a positive impact, locally and globally.


As strategic thought partners, our leadership team helps us respond to changes in our industry with bold, creative, people-centric solutions and inspired innovation.

Sequoia Through the Years


Hello Sequoia!

Greg and Kelly Golub launch Sequoia with one employee and one client. Their mission is to create a special company that takes care of people and makes a positive impact over many decades.

Hello Sequoia


A Growing Team

Sequoia’s first business consultant joins the team.


401(k) Joins the Fold

Sequoia officially begins its Retirement Services division, offering 401(k) options and consulting to help clients plan better financial futures for their employees.



ACA Approved by Congress

The Affordable Care Act disrupts the health insurance industry, setting Sequoia on a path to meet the needs of clients in new ways.


A Risk-y Business

Sequoia opens its Risk Management division offering services to clients looking for strategic guidance around business insurance.

Risk-y Business


Sequoia Tech Breaks the Mold

Sequoia launches the most innovative benefits program of its time, designed to help tech companies stay competitive for talent.


Sequoia One At Your Service

Sequoia launches its PEO to better serve the needs of innovative startups looking for outsourced HR, payroll, and benefits.

Sequoia One


The Sequoia 100

Sequoia reaches 100 team members

Sequoia in the Big Apple

To better serve people-driven clients in the Northeastern US, Sequoia hires its first NY-based employee and opens its first office outside of California, in New York City.


Welcome to The Grove

Sequoia holds its first annual client conference.

The Grove


The Sequoia 200

Sequoia’s employee base doubles in 18 months to 200.

The Sequoia 200


Sequoia Invests in Global

Sequoia expands its global practice through a network of 130 countries, meeting the needs of clients with offices and employees around the world.


Sequoia Mobile App Sets the Bar

Delivering a better benefits experience for client employees and families, the Sequoia Mobile App quickly becomes the highest-rated business app in the App Store.

Sequoia Mobile App


Doubling Down on Wellbeing

While always important at Sequoia, the Wellbeing service takes a more central role in Sequoia’s service offerings.


The Sequoia 300

Sequoia triples its employee base to 300.
Sequoia 300


Sequoia Arizona

Sequoia opens its fourth office in the Grand Canyon State.


Sequoia India

Bangalore, India, becomes the location for Sequoia’s first office outside the US.
Sequoia India


Sequoia SoCal

Sequoia’s Southern California office opens in Santa Monica.


100,000 Mobile App Users

The Sequoia Mobile App hits 100,000 users and still ranks as the top business app in the App Store.
Sequoia Mobile App Users


Celebrating Our 1,000th Client

Sequoia welcomes our 1,000th client to the Sequoia family.


Introducing Sequoia HRX

Sequoia delivers the next transformation of HR tech with our total benefits management solution built on the Sequoia People Platform.
Sequoia HRX


Sequoia Workplace Meets the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic shakes the world, Sequoia comes through for clients with a powerful workplace management solution to keep their people safe.


Sequoia Turns 20

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we know our success would not be possible without our community of team members and their families, partners, clients, and friends. We thank each of you for your support over the years! 


Connecting Our Community

Sequoia launches the Grove Online Community, where clients can discuss, learn, and share experiences to support each other in improving their business. 
Grove Community Screenshot


Getting Total People Investment Right

In addition to providing strategic compensation advisory services with a team of comp experts, Sequoia adds Candidate Offers and Comp Benchmarking functionality to the Sequoia People Platform. 


Sequoia Comp OS Takes Center Stage

Sequoia’s transformative solution for compensation management equips companies with real-time visibility and heightened control over their global people spend.

We celebrate the power of people in the workplace