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An interactive resource for total rewards benchmarking, Dataforest provides business leaders with a path to discovery and self-service insights about how companies are strategically investing in their people.

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The New Workplace Employer Report: Getting Answers

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Compensation Benchmarking on the Sequoia People Platform

Compensation Benchmarking

Insights & Reports

Grove Trend Report 2022

The Grove 2022 Trends Report

Check out the latest benchmarking and trends on healthcare, employee wellbeing, compensation, DEI, retirement, and more!

The New Workplace Employer Report

The New Workplace Employer Report

See what business leaders across the country are doing today to adapt their companies to the rapidly evolving workplace.

The New Workplace Employer Report

Compensation Benchmarking Report

Explore insightful data on the rapidly changing dynamics of how companies of all sizes are compensating their employees.

Pandemic Response & Workplace Resources

Sequoia COVID Vaccine Resources

COVID-19 Resources

A compilation of COVID-19 resources provided by the Sequoia team, health insurance carriers, vendor partners, and government/local orgs.

Sequoia Return to Work Center

Sequoia Workplace™

The guidance and solutions companies need to safely return to a productive work environment as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

On-demand Content

Pandemic-Related Reports

Get Sequoia’s latest reports focused on pandemic response, COVID-19-era guidance, and other related topics.


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