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Risk Management

Protect your business and your people

Comprehensive insurance solutions to manage and mitigate business risks

You’ve worked hard to get your business where it is today. But before you can take the next step along your growth path, you need to understand the various risks and liabilities your business faces and how to adequately prepare for them. Risk management can be a daunting task with so many variables to consider. Sequoia’s risk management team is your true partner when it comes to understanding the coverage your business needs. We know the marketplace better than anyone and our expert services include:

Keeping disruptive companies free from unnecessary disruption

If you ask our clients why they chose to partner with Sequoia, you’ll discover that our passion for service is what sets us apart.

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Taking the risk burden off your shoulders

The right insurance protection and risk management solution should cover everything you need now and in the future without having to manage multiple carrier relationships. Your Sequoia team continuously solicits feedback from your key stakeholders and proactively works with you to ensure that you fully understand your existing coverage as well as the additional options available to you.

The Sequoia risk management promise:

Perfect-fit coverage

Over insuring is expensive, but not having the right coverage introduces risk. We provide a comprehensive review of your current insurance program outlined in plain English. Our expert advisers meet with you to educate you on the need for different types of insurance and what kind of coverage is sufficient.

Protect your business

Work with confidence knowing that your business has the right kinds of insurance coverage to eliminate risk. We have experts who guide you through every step, taking the risk off your shoulders and transferring it to insurance providers. We also help maximize your reimbursement for first party and third party losses.

Protect your people

Feel confident that your company’s most important asset – your people – are protected in the event of unfortunate circumstances.

Focus on business priorities

Sequoia takes care of your risk mitigation and claims management needs so you can focus on the strategic priorities and the day-to-day operation of your business.

The Sequoia risk management difference:

Marketplace expertise

We know the insurance marketplace better than anyone, including international markets. We’ll make sure you have the benchmarked insights to see how your business stacks up against your peers.

Proven claims experience

In the event of unfortunate circumstances, we have strong claims expertise to help you get through the process with the least damage or repercussions possible.

Superior client support

We dedicate two licensed, experienced consultants to your team. They focus on educating your administrators and solicit feedback from you to strengthen our partnership. Your team continuously evaluates your risk exposure, not just at renewal time. To ensure you have the ultimate in coverage, we start your renewal process 75 days in advance.

The Sequoia ecosystem

Sequoia’s risk management services perfectly complement the other superior service offerings from Sequoia, including employee benefits and 401(k) services. Feel confident knowing that a trusted adviser is handling everything you need to protect your business and provide a stellar employee experience.

“The Sequoia Risk Management team is incredibly responsive and always works in our firm’s best interest. We appreciate the relationship and trust we have with Sequoia.”


Safeguarding your company in good times and bad

By partnering with Sequoia Risk Management Services, you immediately have access to a dedicated team of experts in the industry. We are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the many lines of coverage available to you, as well as put our claims expertise in play when you need it most.

Risk Assessment

A key aspect of the Sequoia approach to risk management is to thoroughly review your existing coverage. We review and analyze your current policies so you can see how they interrelate. Our experts lead a discussion with your team and provide recommendations based on best practices for businesses like yours. We identify gaps in your coverage and explore the options to ensure maximum protection from the most trusted providers.

Coverage Benchmarking

In addition to reviewing your current policies and recommending, Sequoia will also conduct benchmarking on your behalf so you can better understand what your peers and other similar-sized companies are doing to protect the business.

Liability Insurance Brokerage

With so many lines of liability insurance to choose from, Sequoia can provide you with a full catalog of options that make the most sense for your business. Because we have extensive experience working with companies of your size, we can also provide benchmarking metrics of similar risk management portfolios. We work with a domestic and international pool of insurance carriers to ensure every option is available to you. Some of the most common lines of coverage we broker for clients include Worker’s Compensation, Property, General Liability, Auto, Umbrella, Directors and Officers (D&O), Employment Practices Liability (EPL), Cyber and Professional Liability, and New Covered Risks – Shared Economy.

Policy Administration & Maintenance

Part of our service offering, Sequoia becomes the broker of record for your current policies. Our dedicated team of licensed advisors goes to bat for you with your existing providers to negotiate better terms. Our goal is always to provide the right coverage at lower costs. By continuously evaluating your risk exposure throughout the year, we can begin working on your annual renewals up to 90 days in advance in order to obtain the most competitive premiums and comprehensive coverage available.

Claims Management

In the event you need to make a claim for loss or damage, Sequoia will help assemble your documentation and prepare your claim to the insurance carrier.  This process can often be time-consuming as well as time-sensitive, so we work with a sense of urgency to get your claim submitted.  We also stay connected with you and the carrier throughout the process, providing you with updates on status, requesting additional information, and ultimately acting as your advocate in getting your claim resolved.

Executive Concierge Service

As an added benefit of doing business with Sequoia Risk Management Services, we offer an exclusive consulting service to your executive team. Our expert advisors will conduct a confidential, thorough review of your executives’ personal risks and liabilities to ensure they are adequately protecting their assets, including auto policies, home policies, umbrella policies, policies for jets, yachts, secondary homes, and more.


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