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We believe modern businesses deserve a different approach, a fresh perspective on what it means to deliver a truly great employee experience. That’s why Sequoia’s offering is an innovative blend of guidance, service, and technology designed to be a catalyst to your business. We find out where you want to go, and how you want to get there, and then apply our understanding of the inner workings of healthcare, carriers, people analytics, and more, to deliver new options to solve both traditional and modern day business issues.


Maximize your time and investment

Fueled by a passion to serve the needs of our clients, Sequoia has grown our service offerings to flexibly support the full spectrum of employment and HR administration needs. From standalone services to packaged solutions, Sequoia delivers HR best practices, tools, and infrastructure to maximize your investment. We help you design and execute a winning strategy and benefits plan so you can focus on the critical priorities of your business.

Choose the path that fits best

Regardless of whether you choose a standalone service or one of our innovative packaged solutions, Sequoia’s service offerings are built to flexibly adapt as your business grows, providing insight, expertise, and best practices for every stage of your evolution. The common denominator is our expert team of advisers. Utilizing a proven service lifecycle and project plans, Sequoia’s orchestrated team can assess your business requirements, goals, and risks, to meet the pivoting needs of your organization and guide you down your unique path to success.

Treat your employees like rockstars

Sequoia makes it easy for you to deliver great programs that enrich the lives of your employees. What better way to show your people you value their contribution than with benefits offerings including health, disability, life, and wellbeing? Sequoia has you covered and more. To foster a stellar employee experience, our dedicated client advocates will educate, guide, and support your team so they can be empowered by the investment you’ve made in them.

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