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Promote healthy working and living

Delivering innovative programs for total employee wellbeing

Wellness programs are a hot topic for companies. From on-site flu shots to gym membership subsidies, businesses must get creative when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent and building internal morale. With so many benefits and perks falling under the wellness umbrella, it is challenging to know how to execute your own program, what components to offer, and how to leverage your existing benefits to achieve your goals. Sequoia offers a team of savvy consultants who are dedicated to helping you define what wellness means to your company and innovating a strategy that joins existing and new offerings into a unified program. Our unique services include:

Proudly serving the most forward-thinking, employee-focused companies

If you ask our clients why they chose to partner with Sequoia, you’ll discover that our passion for service is what sets us apart.

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Helping employees live happier, healthier, and more productively

Most wellness programs focus on physical health, yet there are many reasons why promoting the total wellbeing of your population can have an even greater impact on your organization. Sequoia uniquely approaches wellness from five different five angles (purpose, social, financial, physical, and community) to comprise what we call Total Wellbeing. Your employees work hard for you, so their wellness program should work hard for them. Rather than focusing on just participation, Sequoia works with you to truly engage your workforce with a program that reduces their everyday stresses and enriches their lives.

The Sequoia wellbeing promise:

Attract and retain top talent

Develop a total wellbeing strategy with benefits and perks that not only rival the programs of larger companies, but differentiate you from your competitors in the war for talent.

Enhance business performance

When employees miss work or spend their workday dealing with health and wellness issues, the cost to the company can be two to three times that of direct medical care. Healthy, happy employees are more productive and perform at their best. Boost employee productivity by providing employees with programs that encourage health, inspire team-building, and foster a strong company culture.

Support employee health and happiness

Build and maintain high employee morale by fostering a workplace and greater overall community where people are engaged to be their best selves.

Minimize administration

Sequoia eases the complexity of getting a program started and provides options beyond the expected flu shots and health screenings. We also help you design a program that can grow in scope as the company scales while maintaining ease of administration.

The Sequoia wellbeing difference:

We start with an innovative approach

Sequoia takes a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on several aspects like employees’ sense of purpose as well as their physical, financial, social, and community wellbeing. The Sequoia approach is based on the Gallup-Healthways Wellbeing Indexthe most proven, mature and comprehensive measure of wellbeing in the world.

We focus on the employee experience

Sequoia has a different measure of success for your program that goes beyond the traditional participation. We focus on true engagement, behavior change, long term adoption, and utilization of your program.

We go beyond brokering

Sequoia doesn’t work with a limited set of providers. We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to your wellbeing program. We focus on understanding your business and your people first. Then we help you find the right benefits, perks and providers based on your priorities and unique culture. We have turnkey and custom solutions to fit your needs.

We extend your existing offerings

Sequoia consultants mine your existing programs to formulate a cohesive wellbeing strategy that combines the benefits you already offer with new solutions tailored to your specific employee population.


“Sequoia’s Wellbeing Services have been essential in helping me developed and run a successful program at Campari.  Every person that I have worked with at Sequoia has excellent customer service skills and always goes above and beyond to make sure my needs and requests are meet.  Working with them has been the best experience possible.”


Addressing all aspects of wellbeing, at work and at home

Companies nowadays are constantly vying for attention from talented candidates. The giants in the industry are able to offer additional benefits that seem unattainable to smaller companies. Sequoia helps you create a program that rivals those of larger companies with more resources, and at the same time shifts the paradigm on what a wellness program should be. We go beyond traditional concepts of health and wellness, addressing ideas of finding purpose, establishing social constructs, building financial security, and fostering a sense of community. We work with you to build a positive culture and formulate a cohesive wellness program tailored to your employee population:

Needs Assessment

In order to create a program that your employees will want to use and be excited about, we begin by thoroughly assessing your demographics, culture, and priorities. This involves analyzing any existing wellness offerings or programs you have in place, as well as exploring the “hidden” offerings provided by your benefit carriers. Taking into consideration factors like budget or remote employees, we create a well-rounded picture of your employees’ needs.

Vendor Selection

After we’ve crafted a list of “must-have” offerings, Sequoia begins a thorough process of identifying solutions that can be accomplished in-house and which will require external vendor assistance. In both cases, we partner with you throughout the process:

In-house solutions:

  • Perform in-depth analyses on current benefits and programs that you already offer that can be added under the wellness umbrella
  • Provide expert consultation on how to best leverage existing tools to drive employee awareness and engagement
  • Educate you on wellness offerings from your existing benefits carriers. These are already available to you through your insurance plan, so incorporating these programs can be a low-cost way to broaden your wellness offering.

External vendor solutions:

  • Facilitate vendor selection through a comparison process that includes partners that are best-in-class in the space, and vendors you are interested in
  • Create a report that summarizes the considerations and benefits of each vendor and consult with you on your best options

Strategy & Planning

Sequoia formulates your wellbeing strategy using our proven list of requirements. We have built an easy-to-follow roadmap that leverages the best-in-class process used by large employers to ensure your wellness program is:

  • Efficient. We leverage existing resources / templates / programs to avoid recreating the wheel.
  • Systematic. We develop solutions and programs that are easy to understand, explain, and administer.
  • Innovative. Everybody wants the latest and greatest in wellness, and we are aware of the kinds of cutting edge programs that other companies are offering. We will share these ideas with you throughout the year so that we can introduce new programs to your employees to keep them engaged.
  • Measurable. Wherever possible, we will measure the success of your program – from hard numbers like participation rates, to softer measures of success like employees success stories. We will ensure that we learn from previous program offerings, and will always tweak your program to ensure long term engagement and success.
  • Employee-focused. Through it all, we will keep the employee in mind, ensuring that all participants have a meaningful experience.

Rollout Support

In order for employees to remain engaged and experience the full benefits of a wellness program, they need more opportunities to think about their overall wellbeing.  Sequoia works with your team to develop an annual calendar of events to keep wellness a priority throughout the year:

  • Program launch and wellness calendar rollout
  • Coordination of interactive, activity based on-site programs such as fitness classes, healthy cooking demos and chair massages
  • Wellness challenges to build community and team morale
  • Workshops centered around all aspects of wellness (i.e. nutrition, finances, stress relief, parenting support, ergonomic assessments)
  • Seasonal immunizations


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