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Wellbeing Bundles on the Sequoia People Platform

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Unique wellbeing programs, bundled value

Built on the Sequoia People Platform, Wellbeing Bundles are add-on solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of your employee population with programs that support their physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing.

Activate with one price, one contract, and one bill

Our curated marketplace of innovative providers makes it easy for you to discover the most relevant and meaningful wellbeing benefits for your people and then combine, administer, and deliver them as part of a single, cost-effective solution.

Launch directly to your people with ease

Integrated with top-tier vendor partners, your bundle can be rolled out as simply as flipping a switch. Once activated, bundle programs become part of the same multi-channel experience your people use to access and engage with all your company-provided programs and benefits. 

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Drive engagement with curated resources

Sequoia’s team of employee wellbeing experts partner with each bundle vendor to deliver launch guidance, ongoing engagement content, educational webinars, and more. All of these resources are made available to your HR admins via the platform and can also be selectively published directly to your employees. 

Measure utilization and adoption

Assess the overall performance of your wellbeing strategy and make sure you are getting the most value out of all the wellbeing programs in your bundle by regularly reviewing adoption and utilization metrics. If a program is not resonating with your people, you can flexibly reconfigure your bundle to include options that may be a better fit.  

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Access top vendors in 70+ combinations

With so many benefits and perks to chose from in the employee wellbeing space, Sequoia helps you filter out the noise. We offer a digital experience to navigate a fully-vetted employee solutions marketplace and guide you to the bundled options that best fit your budget, culture, and demographics.

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