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The Now and Next in Workplace Wellbeing

WellBeyond is a free, global, and industry-wide thought leadership series and awards programs focused on the leading-edge of workplace wellbeing programs.

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Connect with your people when it matters most

Now more than ever, your distributed workforce relies on your company to get the employee experience right. Sequoia helps you care for them with the high-value health and wellbeing programs this moment calls for. Whether they’re in the office or out in the world, stay connected and empower your people to engage with their benefits like never before. 

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Get smarter about how to invest in your people

The Sequoia People Platform integrates people data insights with our team’s expert guidance and service. With distinct experiences designed to serve your HR team and your hybrid workforce, it helps drive smarter benefit program decisions and engagement.

Lead your people forward safely beyond COVID-19

True to our legacy, Sequoia is here to support your critical path by caring for your people and protecting your business. With Sequoia Workplace™, we’ve made it possible to safely transition back to a healthy and productive workplace so your company can regain focus on its mission.

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Sequoia Services

Business-minded, people-centric

Sequoia is equal parts consultative advisor and execution machine. We excel at providing the right blend of strategic domain expertise, operational execution, and employee support to help you elevate the HR function in your company and deliver a world-class total benefits experience.

Drive deep business impact

From a singular service offering to fully-outsourced HR, we make sure your people programs perform well for your business.

Empower your people to do more

Meet your people’s needs like never before with the combo of our smart mobile app and experienced, caring employee advocates.

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WellBeyond is a free, global, and industry-wide thought leadership series and awards program focused on the now and next in workplace wellbeing.

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