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Available for employees and dependents of companies with Sequoia-provided benefits plans

Take charge of your health, wealth, and wellbeing

The Sequoia Mobile App (video) brings together everything you need to know about your employer-provided benefits. Whether you need to check your plan coverages or arrange a virtual doctor visit, you can manage things more confidently knowing the answers are with you.

Custom built for Sequoia clients and their employees

If your company leverages either Sequoia One or Sequoia Tech for your employee benefits, you’re in luck. You, your spouse or partner, or your dependents can download and use the Sequoia Mobile App to enjoy a better benefits experience.

Key features

Be prepared with ID cards when you’re on the go

Forget fumbling for ID cards or scrambling to find and print plan information. Sequoia’s mobile app lets you quickly access your ID cards, add them to your Apple Wallet, and even send them to your dependents and caregivers via e-mail or text.

Keep track of coverages, deductibles, reimbursements, and more

Sequoia has made it easy for you and your dependents to find out what you have and where you stand from a single access point. Our app helps you better understand where to get started, what you need to do, and how to use the many benefits and services available to improve your life.

Link up the accounts that matter, including retirement, HSAs, virtual care, and more

Managing your health and retirement just got so much easier. Sequoia’s mobile app lets you link up the accounts that matter to you, like FSA, HSA, HRA, and 401(k), in one place that you can keep with you wherever you are.

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