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HR Resources

Here’s a list of links that will direct you to helpful HR and benefits information from a variety of trusted sources.

Sequoia provides our clients a cloud-based platform with a comprehensive library of HR resources. Topics available within this portal include training courses, forms and policy documents, compliance tracking, and more.

Federal Regulatory Resources

United States Department of Labor

Information available on the DOL’s site includes:

  • Health benefits coverage under federal law
  • ERISA compliance
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Wage compliance and fair labor standards
  • Overtime rules
  • Cash balance pension plans

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Information available on OSHA’s site includes:

  • OSHA laws and regulations
  • Worker’s rights
  • Training documentation and tools
  • Data on safety inspections and enforcement

Health & Human Services

Information available on the HHS site includes:

State Regulatory Resources

California Employment Development Department

The California EDD site contains important human resources forms and documents such as:

  • California Employee Withholding Certificate
  • Report of new employees
  • Paid Family Leave brochure and claim form
  • Disability claim form

Local Regulatory Resources