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Sequoia is setting a higher standard for the total rewards experience with tools that help your people better see, understand, engage with, and appreciate all the programs you work hard to provide.

Sequoia PX

Give your people one place to discover the many ways you invest in them

Reach and engage your hybrid workforce wherever they are, enabling the fullest access and use of their benefits and total rewards. Equip your people with a personalized experience that’s tailored to their role, eligibility, and enrollment, so you can showcase the full depth and richness of your healthcare, wellbeing, retirement, and other programs.

Provide the power to act when it matters most, globally

Cultivate a unique but consistent benefits experience across every country in which you operate by giving your people the clarity and confidence to better manage the health and wellbeing of their entire family. Through the desktop, mobile, or native app experience, employees can get immediate access to their available rewards, expert support, relevant resources, timely reminders, and clarity on what to do next.

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Connect your people investment strategy to better people outcomes

While Sequoia PX delivers a rich, company-branded experience to your employees, it also provides your HR team with deep insight into your people programs. As an integrated experience delivered on the Sequoia People Platform, it’s the key to more timely and targeted employee content and communications, stronger program utilization, and ultimately smarter people investment decisions.

Recruit and retain talent by putting their total rewards on display

Attracting and retaining top talent is the key to achieving your business goals. When your job candidates and employees get a summarized, crystal clear view of the value of their total rewards in an easy-to-digest job offer or rewards statement, they can truly understand how invested your company is in their success.

Benefits and total rewards on the go

  • Make it easy for your people to discover, use, and appreciate your programs wherever they are with the highest-rated app for total rewards engagement
  • Take the lift out of rolling out new offerings, supporting employee education, and driving adoption of your people programs
  • Understand how your people are using their total rewards to bridge the gap from business decisions to people actions

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The Sequoia app is amazing! With our busy schedules, being able to use that app to help find a doctor, have the reviews and everything come right up, AND book the appointment for us is seriously life-changing!”

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