Historically, HR and Finance have faced many challenges when working together – HR’s priority is to attract and retain top talent, while Finance aims to be as cost-efficient as possible. At the core of both functions however, is the goal to improve business outcomes.

In this session from Transform 2024, Silicon Valley-based CFO Jim Gibson and Head of HR Kate Fahy illustrate the significant transformation that occurs when both people and finance leaders work together using identical real-time data and workflow systems.  

They delve into how their roles shift to a strategic nature, how new collaborations surface, and how they come together to manage and lead the company’s people strategy and headcount plan in the boardroom and with their executive team. Topics include annual headcount strategy, merit cycles, and managing active hiring schedules using the compensation management solution, Sequoia Comp OS™. 

Watch the full session below:  

Jonathan Moore — Jonathan is the Director of Product Marketing for Sequoia. He explores the complex challenges facing companies today through research to inform Sequoia’s tech-enabled advisory approach and go-to-market strategy. He has spent his career within the Healthcare and HR Technology industries. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys good coffee, Danish design, and photography.