As part of our monthly Wellbeing Webinar Series, Sequoia partnered with Jennifer Ka, an Ayurvedic Nutritionist and Clinical Yoga Therapist to discuss this month’s topic, “A Mindful Approach to Nutrition.”

During the conversation, we learned about the benefits of mindful nutrition, how our decisions affect our mind and body, how to build mindfulness into your regular routine with food and so much more.

Here are a few key takeaways from the webinar:

  • We learned what mindful nutrition is, and that we should treat the act of eating as sacred. When we practice mindful eating, we will have greater attunement to our body and develop a deeper mindset of nourishment.
  • Being mindful about where your food comes from and the setting in which you eat your food can impact the deeper connection one makes with nutrition and food in general.
  • We went over helpful tips and tricks on how to bring greater mindfulness into our daily nutrition and eating habits, from demonstrating gratitude, slowing down during meals, taking time to rest while eating, and eating without distractions. We can also try to incorporate all 5 senses into our daily eating habits and bring awareness back to the act of eating.
  • Jennifer shared key features of what Ayurveda is, how to determine our own Ayurveda Doshas, and a phrase we can say to practice giving gratitude to the food we are eating to cultivate an even greater sense of mindfulness into our nutrition and eating.

You can catch up by viewing the recording.

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Jackie Ishibashi — Jackie is a Global Wellbeing Consultant at Sequoia and partners with Enterprise clients on wellbeing strategy, initiatives and programs. Outside of work, Jackie enjoys hanging out with her daughter, trying new restaurants and gardening.