In today’s competitive labor market, a strong total rewards offering is crucial to attract and retain top talent. Comp Management from Sequoia is designed to help you navigate the complexities of your compensation and rewards strategy, ensuring that your employees feel valued and appreciated for their contributions and the company has a program that scales and adapts to economic changes.

A successful compensation program starts with a well-defined total rewards philosophy. This philosophy should outline the principles and objectives that guide your company’s approach to rewarding employees. Key elements of a total rewards philosophy include:

  1. Ensuring your program is aligned with the right competitive labor market peer group
  2. Adapting your program to market fluctuations and evolving business needs
  3. Maintaining fairness and consistency across your organization
  4. Providing clear career paths and progression opportunities
  5. Ensuring your rewards program supports and reinforces your desired culture
  6. Helping employees understand their compensation and the rationale behind it

But turning a total rewards philosophy into reality is hard. Companies struggle to activate their philosophy and feel confident it is making the intended business impact. It’s challenging because gaining critical insights on comp spend across the organization is fragmented across vendors. And, ensuring that pay practices align with new employer obligations and market trends is more difficult than ever.

Sequoia’s Comp Management system helps you address these challenges and establish a total rewards program that can better weather the market dynamics we’re seeing today.

For HR & Finance: AI-powered and expert-reviewed job leveling and real-time benchmarking, can help lay the foundation for your compensation program, ensuring a clear reporting structure and a consistent job architecture across your organization.

For Managers & Executives: Pay ranges, pay transparency, and insights tools enable informed decision making and ensure fair and consistent application of your rewards strategy.

For Employees: The Sequoia mobile app and web experience empowers your workforce to understand and appreciate their total rewards, fostering a culture of engagement and satisfaction.

Comp Management from Sequoia can help you navigate the complexities of compensating employees in today’s world of work. By leveraging the platform tools, you can create a robust total rewards program that attracts and retains top talent while fostering a culture of fairness, transparency, and appreciation.

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Kyle Holm — As the VP, Total Rewards Advisory, Kyle is responsible for leading our team of Rewards professionals who ensure Sequoia clients have compensation programs that attract, motivate, and retain their employees. In his free time, Kyle enjoys spending time with his family, golfing and rooting for the Niners.