Two members of Sequoia’s Retirement Team, Ian Lund and Danelle Saucier, joined the California delegation of 30+ delegates to represent nearly 3,000 employers and over 1.5 million employees for the #NAPA401k annual DC Fly-In Meetings on the Hill. The delegation met with key policy advisors from the offices of Senator Feinstein, Senator Harris, and Speaker Pelosi to discuss essential regulations and legislation impacting American employees today.

The California delegation tackled current employer and employee benefit concerns due to COVID-19, such as contribution funding relief, benefit provision flexibility, financial literacy, and additional tax strategies to increase asset accumulation. Of note, Sequoia’s Danelle Saucier presented the delegation’s commentary on how the recently passed regulations for Electronic Disclosure Delivery will impact employee communications and education in the workplace (learn more here).

In addition to the congressional meetings, the NAPA DC Forum provided insights on upcoming policy from key players from the House of Ways and Means committee, political analysts, Employee Benefit Security Administration, and the Department of Labor. We are heartened by the excitement from the regulatory and legislative arms of the government to make material and timely improvements to retirement access, education, and administration.

Millions of employees depend on their employer’s retirement program for their primary retirement security, and 8 out of 10 employees believe their company retirement plan is a critical factor in their retirement solvency (2019 EBRI Retirement Confidence Survey). As advocates for both employers and employees, Sequoia will continue to speak up in these discussions and pushing the envelope with creative solutions that help people achieve their financial security goals.

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Danelle Saucier, QPA, QKA, QPFC – Danelle is the retirement compliance liaison for Sequoia, where she works with our teams and clients to optimize and streamline administration, servicing, and compliance. In her free time, Danelle enjoys having outdoor adventures, seeking out new knowledge, and playing with her daughter and animals.