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Research shows that companies with a learning culture outperform companies that don’t support ongoing growth and development. But what exactly is a learning culture? And what does it take to build one?

On Tuesday, March 29th, Sequoia held an event focused on How to Build a Learning Culture. Thanks to all who attended!

Tania Luna facilitated a Feedback Skill Lab, arming you with an understanding of learning psychology and tools for empowering your employee to give high quality feedback.

Rajeev Behera, CEO at Reflektive, shared best practices in evolving performance management from a once-a-year activity to a continuous development process. This will include a case study of an innovative monthly check-in process Pinterest has developed to replace the annual review.

Matt Hoffman, VP of People at Digital Ocean and Wendy Robison, Senior L&D Manager at Etsy will shared their secrets to facilitating ongoing learning for their managers and individual contributors.

The video playlist is below. You can toggle to individual talks by clicking on the menu icon in the top left of the player. To sign up for notifications for future events, please email events@sequoia.com.