Each year, the Sequoia Wellbeing team puts together an annual calendar highlighting timely observances and recognitions. We pull from our experience working with some of the most innovative employee wellbeing programs as well as meaningful national awareness campaigns that resonate with our clients. This calendar is meant to help employers design their own annual programs. 

We also put together a 12-month calendar of Wellness Tips. Employers can use this calendar in a variety of ways: shared directly with employees, included as part of a monthly employee newsletter, or posted on an internal chat platform.  

We hope you find these two resources helpful in 2021! Both can be downloaded in HRX under the “Resources” tab.

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Shannon Arens – Shannon is a Wellbeing Consultant at Sequoia. She partners closely with Enterprise clients to assess, develop, and recommend a holistic wellbeing strategy designed to the meet the diverse needs of employees. Outside of work, Shannon enjoys spending time with her two children, going for a run, or relaxing in her backyard.