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COVID-19 Resources 

The Sequoia team is committed to providing guidance, resources, and support to help employers and employees chart their path forward in these uncertain times.

Sequoia COVID Vaccine Resources

COVID-19 Compliance Guide for CA
An overview of the latest regulations for California employers.

Sequoia COVID Vaccine Resources

Spotlight on Vaccines
Check out the latest COVID-19 vaccine resources including state guidance, carrier FAQs and more.

Recent Posts for COVID-19 Guidance and Compliance Topics

Check out recent posts from the Sequoia Foreword blog intended to help our clients and other people-driven companies confidently stay informed during this unprecedented global pandemic.

Recent Insights & Reports on Pandemic Response

A COVID-19 Compliance Guide for California Employers

A concise guide to recent California Covid-19 regulations

COVID-19 Vaccine Employer Policy Report (Enterprise)

See how large Enterprise employers are planning for vaccines in the workplace, from mandates to offering incentives.

COVID-19 Vaccine Employer Policy Report

See how various employers are planning for vaccines in the workplace, from mandates to offering incentives.

The Future of Work Report

A report on how 572 people-driven companies are planning a return to the workplace and the managing the nuances of a distributed workforce.

Guide to Cyber Protection

Understand the components of cyber liability and how to ensure your company is adequately protected, especially during unprecedented times.

Managing a Distributed Workforce

See how companies are tackling relocation and salary policies, employee engagement, benefits and more to accommodate remote teams.

Recent Webinars on Pandemic-Related Topics

Vaccines + Employer Policy Deep Dive

Understanding the Vaccine and Recent COVID Legislation Requirements

Vetting the Key Decisions of Your RTW Strategy

What HR Teams Need to Know About SB 1159 and AB 685 and How to Respond

Workers’ Compensation Now: The Experts Weigh In

Successfully Managing a Distributed Workforce Webinar

Have other resources to share?

 Your experiences, examples, and ideas may help others during this time of uncertainty and we’d love to foster awareness about this topic in any form possible.

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