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The Path Forward:
Return to the Workplace for Tech Companies

As COVID-19 levels rise and fall around the world, businesses are being forced to navigate a complex and rapidly-evolving situation.

This webinar series, in support of Sequoia Workplace (formerly known as the RTW Center), brings together some of the best business, legal, and medical experts, as well as the tools and Sequoia resources to help guide you on the path forward.

Past Session Recordings

Understanding the New Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Regulations

Tuesday, June 29th 11-12 PT

Cal/OSHA recently issued new COVID-19 guidelines for employers including updates to physical distancing and mask requirements at worksites and additional guidance on employee vaccination status. During this 1-hour webinar, we unpack the new legislation and share what you need to know to stay compliant.

Managing the Hybrid Workplace Experience

Thursday, June 17th 11-12 PT

As companies continue to open their workplaces to more employees, business leaders are discovering new challenges and complexities of supporting a smooth employee experience. Explore insights and strategies for managing employees’ return, space and capacity planning, hotel desk management, and more.   

Get a first look at the latest updates from the Sequoia product team on Sequoia Workplace’s (formerly RTW Center) new space planning capability and other new features.  

Doug Holte, AWI Founder and Former President at Irvine Company

Tips for Your Return to the Office: Facilities, Vaccine Policies, and Supporting Your Remote Team

Companies are actively working their strategy for bringing their employees safely back to the office.

Review tips and insights for how to prepare your facilities, what you need to know about vaccine policy legislation, and ways to support those employees that will continue to work remotely.

Dylan Chase, Facilities Manager, Workplace at Allbirds
Kristen Evans, HR Project Manager at Amobee
Alison Renner, Associate at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Learning from Each Other: How Clients are Approaching a Hybrid RTW

With vaccine access rising nationwide, employers are rolling up their sleeves on returning to the workplace.

Learn from the experience of other teams on how to manage a hybrid approach and ensure a safe and compliant return for those who are coming back to the office.

Shari Eaton, SVP, Global Head of People at Peloton
Mark Reinstra, General Counsel at Roblox
Shandey Cuzzetto, Program Manager, Return to Work at Sequoia

Vaccines + Employer Policy Deep Dive

As vaccines become more widely available, employers are thinking through various opportunities and implications for their workplace policies.

During this webinar, we dive into the key questions and answers for shaping employer policy, share the lasted from the FDA on COVID-19 testing, and walk through how to generate your policy and track vaccinations through the Sequoia Return to Work Center.

Marina Tsatalis, Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Eva YinSenior Associate at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Kimball Parker
, CEO at SixFifty 

Understanding the Vaccine and Recent COVID Legislation Requirements

Whether it’s understanding vaccines or knowing the latest federal and state legislation requiring employers to acknowledge and report COVID-19 cases in the workplace, business and HR leaders need to comprehend and implement plans to protect their people and their business. 

This video features a panel of experts on the legal, healthcare, and employer considerations including:  

Will Kimbrough, Sr. Medical Director of Clinical Programs & National Virtual Medical Director, One Medical
Marina Tsatalis, Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Theodore Feldman, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder at Rightway Healthcare
Jordan Feldman
, CEO and Co-Founder at Rightway Healthcare

Vetting the Key Decisions of Your

RTW Strategy

Listen in on Sequoia clients in both HR and business roles as they share their considerations, insights, and learnings from key RTW decisions. We covered topics like cohorts vs. reservations, obligatory consent, testing approaches, and more.

Rahab Hammad, Senior Manager, Benefits at Snap
Dylan Chase, Facilities Manager, Workplace at Allbirds
Quinn Morgenthaler, Head of People at Remix
Shandey Cuzzetto, Program Manager, Return to Work at Sequoia

What HR Teams Need to Know About SB 1159 and AB 685 and How to Respond

In September 2020, California passed two new pieces of legislation that impose new obligations on employers in the event of positive test cases of COVID-19 in the workplace. During this 1-hour webinar, we break down what you need to know and do now to stay compliant.

Marina Tsatalis, Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Alison Renner, Senior Associate at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Steve Kim, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer at Sequoia
Suzette Germano, VP Risk Management at Sequoia
Rolland Ho, VP Data Science and Analytics at Sequoia

Workers’ Compensation Now: The Experts Weigh In

During this 1-hour webinar, we discuss the current regulatory requirements and a preventive roadmap to mitigating COVID-19 exposures as well as managing potential outbreaks.

John Polson, Management Committee and Partner at Fisher Phillips Anthony Poston, CEO & Co-Founder at ESM Insite
Abe Jabhan, Senior Claims Advocate at ESM Insite
Suzette Germano, VP Risk Management Service at Sequoia

Top 5 Lessons Learned from Companies Returning to their Offices

A look at our key findings from how clients are approaching their return, as well as our observations on things you can be planning for now to be better prepared for the days ahead. 

Colin Higgins, CEO at Summitry
Cassandra Pratt, SVP of People at Progyny
Ben Buenaflor, RTW Project Lead at Roblox

Extended WFH Part II: Working Parents, Mental Health, and Company Culture

As some companies announce the extension of their work from home plans far into 2021, HR and People leaders are quickly adjusting to the needs of their employees in this new, distributed environment. Our speakers included:

Justin Hunt, Medical Director and Head of Psychiatry at Ginger
Rebecca Grubman, Director of Product Marketing at Cleo
Craig Forman, Lead People Scientist at Culture Amp

Krizel Casanova, Sr. Benefits Manager at 23andMe
Kaleana Quibell, Wellbeing Director at Sequoia

    Extended WFH: Policy, People, and Problem Solving

    The experts from Wilson Sonsini, Roblox, and Sequoia unpack the latest challenges facing Legal and HR leadership teams working through the extended COVID protection measures and the slowed pace of reopening.

      Kaleana QuibellWellbeing Director at Sequoia
      Kimball Parker, CEO at SixFifty
      Mark Reinstra, General Counsel at Roblox

      Marina Tsatalis
      , Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

      Sequoia Tech Program: Adding a Smart Healthcare and Wellbeing Approach to your Return to the Workplace  

      An exploration of the Sequoia Tech Program’s ability to take care of your people in a COVID world. From the power of pooling healthcare with other tech companies to bundling wellbeing for a distributed workforce, you’ll be able to evaluate how Sequoia Tech’s 2021 program offering could be the perfect complement to your return to workplace strategy. Speakers include:

      Heather Houston, VP of People from Mosaic
      Carmen Cooper, Director of People Ops from Sage Intacct
      Partners from One Medical and Rightway Healthcare

      Workers’ Compensation: Ensuring Protection of Your People and Your Business

      A comprehensive look at how COVID-19 is impacting the workers’ compensation landscape and the related re-opening requirements.  This webinar discusses underwriting and regulatory changes as well as specific tools to ensure that your work environment is safe for your employees and that your risk management program is compliant.  

      Suzette Germano, VP, Risk Management Services at Sequoia  
      Anthony Poston, ARM, AIM, CEO and Risk Manager at ESM INSITE 
      Sinead Scrosoppi, Customer Success at ESM INSITE

      Providing Effective Wellbeing in a COVID Era

      This webinar examines how companies are approaching the physical and emotional wellbeing of their people under the strains of COVID-19. We were joined by HR and benefits leaders, as well as innovative wellbeing vendors:

      Vendor Panel – What should employers think about now:
      Dr. Stephen Ezeji-Okoye, Chief Medical Officer at Crossover Health
      Lindsay Schutte Crittendon, Head of Headspace for Work at Headspace
      Jordan Feldman, Co-Founder and CEO at Rightway Healthcare
      Jocelyn Nowak, Business Development at Physera

      Client Panel – Lessons learned and tips from what’s working:
      Jackie Nith Ishibashi, Global Well-Being Manager at Snap
      Emmaline Nabors, Manager of Global Perks and Wellness at Dropbox
      Celeste Ortiz, Chief People Officer at Crossover Health
      Kaleana Quibell, Wellbeing Director at Sequoia (moderator)

      Practitioners Focus: The Key Steps of a Comprehensive RTW Program

      deep dive into the Sequoia Framework™ and Playbook and a dedicated session on your top RTW questions. We were joined by the following panelists:

      Allan McCallVP of Total Rewards at 10x Genomics 
      Debra Thompson
      , CPO at Chegg 
      Julia Goldberg, SVP, Global Real Estate, Facilities and Security at Buzzfeed 
      Stephen Kim, Chief Legal & Administrative Officer at Sequoia 

      Launch of the Sequoia Return to Work Center™

      We unveiled the Sequoia Return to Work Center™ and unpacked how it supports clients’ needs across the pillars of the RTW Framework including: 

      • Creating dynamic policies 
      • Setting up testing & care 
      • Running the RTW playbook & cohorts
      • Educating & communicating with your people 
      • Analyzing & managing 

      The Return to Work Program (Kickoff)

      Sequoia is providing technology companies a path forward in their Return to Work. In support of this new program, we hosted a webinar kicking-off the program on Thursday, April 30th at 10 am PST. Our program will be looking holistically at approaches and tools to help during this fast moving and challenging time. 

      We were joined by the following experts:

      Will Kimbrough, Sr. Medical Director of Clinical Programs & National Virtual Medical Director, One Medical
      Greg Golub, Chief Executive Officer, Sequoia
      Marina Tsatalis, Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
      Steve Kim, Chief Legal & Administrative Officer, Sequoia
      Bob Lawson, Chief Financial Officer, Sequoia
      Michele Floriani, Chief Marketing Officer, Sequoia (Moderator)