When we launched Sequoia Workplace (formerly the Return to Work Center) in June 2020, we could not have anticipated the many legislative responses, employer requirements, and new variants that caused employers and employees alike to adjust how they work, where they work, and when they work.

But with every turn, stop, and go, we evolved Workplace to meet the needs of our clients that were returning employees to the workplace, whether it was hybrid or full-time. Over the last two+ years, we added new capabilities to allow employers to manage reservations, track vaccination records, and book workspaces. We continue to make enhancements to Workplace to improve the user experience and adapt to the new world of work.

Today, Workplace clients have access to new features that improve managing access to the workplace and foster greater team collaboration, including the following:

  • Vaccination Exceptions – Admins can now note that an employee has a valid vaccination exception in Workplace, which gives them access to features that would be disabled if they did not submit a vaccination record. Some employers require proof of vaccination before returning to the workplace unless an employee has a valid exemption. This enhancement gives admins more flexibility in managing company or local requirements.
  • All-day Booking – Users can make an all-day reservation by clicking a single checkbox instead of manually inputting all the hours they intend to be in the office. Now, users can quickly make reservations without working about mis-selecting hours.
  • Follow Coworkers – One of the biggest challenges with hybrid workplaces is the lack of in-person collaboration. With the new Follow Coworkers features, users can follow coworkers to see when they’re planning to be in the office so they can better coordinate their work schedules to be in the office at the same time as their teammates.

We continue to partner with our nearly 150 Workplace clients to evolve the solution just as the new world of work evolves. Sequoia Workplace is an add-on solution of the Sequoia People Platform, available to all Sequoia clients. Visit https://www.sequoia.com/platform/workplace/ to learn more.

Landon Hersch — Landon is Director, Software Solutions at Sequoia focused on supporting clients’ total rewards and hybrid work strategies. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family going boating and wakesurfing on the lake.