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Sequoia Workplace™ | Workplace Management & Hotdesking

formerly Sequoia RTW Center

Confidently embrace the hybrid work experience

As your business faces new challenges supporting a hybrid workforce, Sequoia delivers the solution you need to adapt and thrive. Built on our unified platform, Sequoia Workplace™ securely handles the workplace policies, capacities, and processes that fulfil your obligations, protect your business, and keep your people safe when they’re in the office.

A better way to adapt your business to the evolving landscape

Get back to business with a flexible approach to workplace management

With a range of factors to consider as your hybrid workforce returns to in-person work, there is not a single “right” approach to workplace management. Sequoia Workplace gives your company the flexibility to adapt your strategy to the current situation. From navigating hotdesking and reservations, to configuring location-specific processes, to coordinating groups of employees, your HR and facilities teams can now easily manage complex office scenarios.

Effortlessly keep policies compliant with changing regulations

Sequoia Workplace was built to help your company handle constantly-evolving local, state, and federal workplace regulations. From managing vaccination policies, to sharing policies and capturing consent, to tracking office attendance and exposures of your hybrid workforce, the solution makes it simple and straightforward to manage your people and spaces in a compliant way.

Securely handle sensitive health data

Now more than ever, your company has responsibility to protect your your people. Not only does this mean keeping them safe and healthy during a pandemic, it means making sure you’re treating sensitive employee health data in a HIPAA-compliant way. Sequoia Workplace helps you establish secure processes for uploading health information, storing medical verification documents, and ensuring only the right people have access to this sensitive data.

Comprehensive workplace management to protect your business and your people

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Assign hotdesks to your office space to allow employees to book specific seats


Manage office capacity and establish a process for employees to reserve spots

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Coordinate specific groups of employees who come in on the same schedule

Vaccination Management

Capture and securely store employee vaccination records and track vaccination rates

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COVID-19 Testing

Discover testing options, receive test results shared by employees, and track employee testing compliance

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Employee Self-Screening

Create self-screening protocols and store employee screening responses and COVID-19 test results

Policy Engine

Create workplace policies and measure employee consent to stay compliant with employer obligations

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Workplace Insights

View real-time data to track office capacity, employee policy acknowledgment, and entry requirements

The implementation through Sequoia Workplace versus what I would have had to do on my own gave me back about 75 percent of my time to think about other reopening factors.”

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