Sequoia Workplace™ formerly Sequoia RTW Center

Lead your people safely through COVID-19

Companies are navigating the complex and rapidly-evolving environment of a global pandemic. Sequoia Workplace guards the transition back to the office with flexibility to adapt as conditions change.

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Define your approach

True to our legacy, we combine our people-driven platform with guidance to support your journey back to the office. Sequoia Workplace™ makes it possible to safely transition back to a healthy and productive workplace so your company and your people can focus on your mission. With our Return to Work Framework, you’ll have a set of essential best-practices designed to address the critical components of returning to the office.

Tailor your plan

Keep your people safe

Leverage insights to easily track employee testing, vaccinations, and self-screenings to ensure compliance. Should an employee test positive for COVID-19, trace potential location exposure and efficiently gather impact reports.

Protect your business

Build comprehensive return policies to stay compliant. Share policies with your employees by location and track their consent. Easily refresh your policies as employer obligations change and new OSHA guidelines and laws are released.

Customize your return

Define screening questions, group employees into Cohorts, and manage ad-hoc requests to come in with Reservations with flexibility to meet your organization’s needs. And support social distancing by setting safe workplace capacities.

Location Management

Secure Access Roles

Integrated Policy Engine

COVID-19 Test Tracking

Vaccination Tracking

Employee Cohorts

Office Reservations

Employee Self-Screenings

QR Code Check-In

Return Status Cards

Critical Alerts & Notifications

Care Navigation

Customized Return Experience

Workplace Tracing & Insights

International Ready

Resources for your return

We’ve curated resources to support your return to the office from our Webinar Series led by our community of thought-leaders and subject matter experts.

Return to Work Series

Return to Work Roundtables

COVID-19 Resources Page

Coronavirus & Leave

Sequoia Foreword Blog

We also provide insights, pulse reports, and playbooks that detail emerging trends and provide timely, data-driven snapshots into the new world of work.

A COVID-19 Compliance Guide for California Employers

A concise guide to recent California Covid-19 regulations

The Future of Work Report

A report on how 572 people-driven companies are planning a return to the workplace and the managing the nuances of a distributed workforce.

Managing a Distributed Workforce

See how companies are tackling relocation and salary policies, employee engagement, benefits and more to accommodate remote teams.

Helping our community return safely

The implementation through Sequoia Workplace versus what I would have had to do on my own gave me back about 75 percent of my time to think about other reopening factors.”

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