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Searchmetrics Leverages the Power of the PEO to Provide Employees an Excellent Benefits Experience

Searchmetrics is an enterprise platform for e-commerce companies, digital marketing agencies, and subject matter experts who rely on search and content performance to drive revenue and elevate their brands. Its comprehensive portfolio of data, software, and services helps data-driven marketers combine the sustainable success of organic search with the predictable returns otherwise only achievable by investing in paid media.


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Searchmetrics’ core mission is about helping its clients raise their digital profile, and when it came to providing the right benefits to elevate its own brand and recruit talent, it turned to Sequoia One.

“From day one, Sequoia One has been an extension of our HR function. Not only does my team at Sequoia help me with the day-to-day tasks, but the partnership allows us to compete with companies that are much larger and punch higher than we could on our own, which is a huge value add for our employees,” SVP of Global People Matt Rigdon said.

While Searchmetrics’ parent company has hundreds of employees at its headquarters in Berlin, London, and elsewhere, here in the U.S. it needed a PEO to assist with HR administration, payroll, and 401(k) for its 25 employees.

Using Sequoia One allows Searchmetrics to benchmark its industry and offer a benefits package – including comprehensive medical, dental, vision, and a wellbeing program – comparable to companies ten times its size. Searchmetrics now has a dedicated team to help its people get the answers and support they need when they need it.

“We’re heading into hyper-growth mode now, and having the attractive benefits offering that Sequoia makes possible has really helped elevate the talent that we’re bringing in the door, not to mention retain that talent,” Matt said.

The right benefits, conveniently accessed

One way Matt knows that the employee benefits experience is working well is that he doesn’t get negative feedback or have to field too many questions about the company’s offerings. No news, he said, is good news when it comes to employees and their benefits. The program just works.

Searchmetrics’ employees can access all of their benefits via Sequoia’s top-rated mobile app. Using the app and their Company Benefits site, they can email family members digital insurance cards, find a doctor, keep track of their flexible spending account, review their paystub, or access their 401(k), all in one place.

So far, 92 percent of Searchmetrics’ employees use the app to find the information they need, and because it is so easy to use, Matt doesn’t have to spend as much of his time managing HR issues, giving him more time to focus on recruitment and company growth.

We’re heading into hyper-growth mode now, and having the attractive benefits offering that Sequoia makes possible has really helped elevate the talent that we’re bringing in the door, not to mention retain that talent.

A responsive outsourced HR team

Matt says that the key to making his small team work, is having a partner who will help him stay on top of the complex web of compliance issues, changing regulation, and reporting requirements.

“I’m spread too thin and have too much going on to be able to keep track of all of the ever-changing rules and regulations,” Matt said. “Sequoia keeps us in compliance, manages our risk, takes care of payroll and makes sure everything gets taken care of. I really feel like the people I work with at Sequoia are part of my in-house team.”

Matt added that he knows he can turn to his Sequoia team to help him with everything from creating an employee benefits booklet for prospective hires to drafting new HR policies.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to HR business partner at Sequoia and said, ‘Hey do you have a draft policy for this? What are other companies doing for that?’”

If Searchmetrics is looking to add a benefit, he said, a member of his Sequoia team is there to figure out how to add it, and push it through payroll, or help with other HR functions such as securing a PPP loan during the pandemic.

“I would have been lost trying to do all of that by myself,” Matt said. “Sequoia is always there to help solve problems for me and our employees.”

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Matt Rigdon SVP of Global People, Searchmetrics
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