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Building Axiom’s First Benefit Offerings

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When Stephanie first joined Axiom in 2018 as Head of Operations, there were only eight employees at the company. At the time, Axiom was not offering benefits, but rather adding a stipend to employees’ salaries to cover basic insurance plans. Coming in with relatively limited human resources experience and no budget for an in-house team, Stephanie knew she had some big hurdles in front of her, but she was determined to get Axiom’s benefits up and running.

Stephanie said, “From day one, I knew I needed to find a great partner I could rely on, not only to establish benefits at Axiom, but also to help me build all of the company’s HR policies from the ground up. Sequoia One was exactly what I was looking for.”

As a professional employer organization (PEO), Sequoia One now manages Axiom’s business processes for HR, benefits, compliance, and payroll.

“Knowing that I have a team of professionals to fight for my company and help me create an amazing experience for my team is invaluable. We now have benefits that rival the biggest tech players in the industry, which is unheard of for a company our size.”

Coming through for Axiom employees

Axiom’s benefits package now covers 100% of health insurance costs for employees and 90% for dependents, which Stephanie says has been a critical retention and recruiting tool.

“Our stellar benefits package gives us an edge over our competition in the market. Plus, employees love that they can get everything they need through the Sequoia app. Nine times out of ten, any question that employees have for me, I can just direct them to the app and they can find what they’re looking for – everything they need is right in their hands.”

If employees are not able to get their questions answered in the Sequoia PX mobile app, Axiom also has a dedicated Sequoia advocate who is there to help. Stephanie said that this personalized guidance has proved particularly valuable during the pandemic, when legislation changes weekly, and employees are moving to new cities and states in this new distributed environment.

“We’ve had several employees ask about FSA extensions for example, and other employees have moved across the country. But through all of it, Sequoia One has made it so easy for me and our employees by dealing with all the different state taxes and compliance requirements. I don’t know how I would have navigated through all the COVID-19 changes without my Sequoia team.”

Not only has Sequoia One taken all of the different aspects of HR and housed it in one neatly wrapped package, but they‘ve also given me an entire team behind that to support me the whole way through.

Team of one, but not alone

Over the past few years, Stephanie has completely transformed Axiom’s benefits and HR resources, creating an environment where employees feel taken care of and are able to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities. Building an HR department from the ground up was no easy feat, but thankfully, Stephanie said she always felt supported.

“Working with Sequoia One not only helped me get things done, but it also made me feel like I wasn’t alone,” Stephanie said. “Whether it’s setting up our business insurance and Directors and Officers liability insurance, or helping me track employee engagement and program costs, I feel like I have the support of an entire team backing me. That is more valuable to me than I can even explain – I know that I’m supported from start to finish, and that there will always be someone I can trust and turn to when I need help.”

Meet the Client

Stephanie Kawamura
Chief Operating Officer, Axiom

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Sequoia One PEO

HR outsourcing, payroll services, and benefits for small businesses

Sequoia One has everything small businesses need to grow quickly and confidently. With our expertly-designed PEO services, we'll help you proudly elevate your employee experience while freeing up your internal resources to focus on your core mission.

Sequoia People Platform

Sequoia's platform lets you see all your benefits program data—alongside benefits insights and benchmarks—in one place, as well as communicate with your people in-app; employees can access the platform for their full plan details, digital ID cards, provider search, wellbeing program access, and more.

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