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People-Driven Success Story

Luma Health Creates Clear Career Paths for Employees with Compensation Benchmarking and Job Leveling

Luma Health’s Patient Success Platform unifies and automates the healthcare journeys of more than 60 million patients across the U.S., integrating with electronic health records and core health IT systems to ensure patients get the care they need.

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During the pandemic, routine healthcare appointments were delayed, and many patients lost touch with their doctors. This disconnect between patients and their medical providers fueled overwhelming demand for solutions helping health systems and medical groups better communicate with and engage their patients. Luma Health and its Patient Success Platform stepped in to fill that need, hiring new team members to keep up with the demand and develop new platform features.

“We were growing quickly when I came on board and we continue to grow,” said Jessica Hillis, Luma’s people operations manager.

Growing responsibly while ensuring fair employee compensation

With the company growing so quickly, Jessica needed guidelines to not only ensure employee pay was on target across departments, but that performance and promotions were based on consistent measurements. Using search engines to find pay ranges for various jobs was time consuming and yielded unreliable data.

That’s when Jessica reached out to Sequoia One, Luma’s PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and trusted partner for all things benefits, comp, and HR.

In partnership with her CFO and Sequoia, Jessica launched an employee leveling program. She used the Sequoia People Platform’s compensation benchmarking features—available to all Sequoia One clients—to define pay ranges for all positions and created an employee leveling playbook. Now, Luma team members have clear qualification guidelines on what is required for employee compensation increases.

“We wanted to set a clear career path for employees and share how success is measured,” Jessica said. With pay transparency required in many areas, Jessica also wanted to make sure gaps in pay did not exist.

While 90 percent of Luma employees fell in the correct pay range, Jessica and her team were able to identify the other 10 percent and have meaningful discussions about how to move those employees into appropriate pay ranges.

“These tools have helped us develop and share a company compensation philosophy with employees and managers around transparency and pay equity,” she said.

Sequoia has given me more than I expected. They always go above and beyond for client experience.

Easing the demands of growth with compensation benchmarking tools

Establishing pay and equity bands allowed Luma to create metrics for employee compensation decisions that streamlined hiring.

“Now we know—even before we open a position—what the [pay range] will be,” Jessica shared. With less research and negotiating involved in the hiring process, Jessica and her team at Luma save time. It’s also given Luma a roadmap for market adjustments and made it much easier to comply with new pay transparency laws requiring salary ranges on job postings.

Jessica believes that Luma’s compensation benchmarking capabilities with Sequoia One will aid in both recruitment and retention, as applicants have a clearer view of what they need to do to advance at the company.

As they continue to grow, Jessica said she may consider rolling out other platform capabilities from Sequoia One PEO such as interactive candidate offers or total rewards statements to strengthen hiring and retention efforts. The one thing she knows for sure is that she can rely on Sequoia One to not only provide the HR technology she needs to get her job done, but the guidance and advice she needs to keep HR at Luma running smoothly.

“Sequoia has given me more than I expected,” Jessica said. “They go above and beyond for client experience.”

Sequoia One compensation benchmarking helped Luma job level
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Jessica Hillis
People Operations Manager, Luma Health

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