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People-Driven Success Story

Alkymi Prepares for Growth With Sequoia One’s HR Support and Comp Tool

Alkymi is the leader in investment document processing and data workflow automation, creating an end-to-end platform to turn unstructured data into actionable business data.

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Running a VC-backed, Series A start-up is no easy feat. Not only is the job fast paced and high-pressure, but many startup leaders find themselves wearing many hats. As Head of Operations, Michael Czirjak is responsible for overseeing all things people-related: compensation, benefits, wellness, recruiting, and all other operations needed to keep the firm running smoothly. His main priority, however, is to ensure he’s fully supporting Alkymi employees through their total rewards packages so they meet the needs of their clients.

“Some of the most demanding global clients rely on Alkymi to run their day to day operations,” said Michael.” And because of that, it takes a wide variety of folks across multiple teams to ensure their success.

“We look for people who are passionate about bringing innovative ideas to the table, and a big part of attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent, is providing a total rewards package that rivals that of much larger companies.”

Finding the Right PEO to Scale Their Business

When Michael first joined the company, Alkymi was partnered with a PEO that wasn’t meeting expectations. “We were getting serviced for benefits and payroll, but there was never anything proactive,” explained Michael. “It didn’t feel like the kind of relationship that could help us grow the company.”

It wasn’t long before Michael connected with Sequoia One through a mutual friend, and right off the bat, he says he knew Sequoia would always ensure he felt total HR support when carrying out his people strategy.

“My team at Sequoia is always presenting new ideas to me, whether it’s introducing new product capabilities, advising us on our benefits options, or helping us stay compliant with new legislation,” said Michael. “They’re always miles ahead of me, keeping me up to speed on what I need to know and when I need to act.”

They’re always miles ahead of me, keeping me up to speed on what I need to know and when I need to act.

Activating a Total Rewards Package

It should come as no surprise that salary and equity are two crucial parts of the total rewards package that can be difficult to manage. Often involving dozens of spreadsheets and outdated data, trying to get visibility into the company’s people spend may feel impossible. According to Michael, Sequoia’s compensation management solution, Comp OS, has been a gamechanger.

“Sequoia’s Comp OS allows us to dial in and get not only a holistic view of the market, but also a fine-grain view so we can see if the company is at parity or if we need to recalibrate,” said Michael. “Sequoia has given us the tools and analytics that we need and have frankly never seen before. We have a board meeting in April, and I already know I will be using Comp OS to prepare for that.”

Total HR Support for Employees

Beyond compensation, Michael partners with Sequoia to develop a cost-efficient and attractive benefits strategy that will incentivize employees. Each year, he sits down with his team at Sequoia to review a range of benefits options until they find the perfect package that Michael is excited to share with the company. When open enrollment comes, Michael knows his Sequoia One human resources business partner and Advocate Team will ensure Alkymi’s employees have a full understanding of their benefits offerings.

“I want our team members to walk into something amazing,” explained Michael. “And with Sequoia’s help, we go above and beyond to give our employees the best that is available, so that they can focus on the work they’re doing here at Alkymi and know that they are totally supported.”

A True Partner for Growth

With Sequoia’s partnership, Michael said that he now feels prepared to expand the company in new and exciting directions. At this moment, Alkymi is hiring across every department and looking to move into different locations, including in Europe and Asia. He is confident tackling these big transitions, knowing that Sequoia’s complete HR support will handle day-to-day people operations to keep things running smoothly while helping him create a total rewards package that is attractive to employees in all locations.

“You can build amazing products, but if people don’t feel like they’re supported then you just have great software, not a great company,” said Michael. “Sequoia helps make us an even better company.”

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Sequoia Delivers

Sequoia supports Alkymi’s mission by delivering the following key services and products:

Sequoia supports Alkymi’s mission by delivering the following key services and products

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Sequoia One has everything small businesses need to grow quickly and confidently. With our expertly-designed PEO services, we'll help you proudly elevate your employee experience while freeing up your internal resources to focus on your core mission.

Compensation Management

Built collaboratively with our expert comp advisory team, Sequoia Comp OS™️ is an end-to-end solution that breaks down silos and eases complexity to give you immediate visibility and better control over your global people spend.

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