Typeface AI integrated with the Sequoia People Platform

In today’s ever-changing HR landscape, companies have the complex work of effectively communicating with employees, whether crafting job descriptions, celebrating key milestones, or driving benefit program engagement. With the increased prevalence of generative AI, these tasks can be streamlined, saving time. The challenge with using off-the-shelf AI tools is the content they generate is highly variable and lacks the expert touch HR teams need for relevant and impactful employee communications. 

Sequoia has partnered with Typeface, a generative AI platform for enterprise content creation, to provide HR with integrated AI tools informed by Sequoia’s two decades of expertise.  

Available on the Sequoia People Platform, HR teams have access to: 

Enhanced Employee Communications: HR teams can leverage curated AI-prompts built into the News Feed feature of the platform to quickly create employee communications on topics tailored and curated by Sequoia. With additional refinement tools, users can quickly refine content to make sure it aligns with their company’s brand and benefits offering. Communications can then be shared to dispersed workforces via the Sequoia mobile app, ensuring that important messages reach every employee, wherever they are. 

AI-Generated Job Descriptions: Crafting job descriptions can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task for HR. AI built into Sequoia Comp OS™ revolutionizes this process by applying Sequoia’s expertise to a company’s current and future jobs. By understanding a company’s job catalog, AI drafts responsibilities and qualifications for every role in the organization in a consistent brand voice. This not only saves time but also keeps finance, HR, recruiters, and hiring managers aligned. This eliminates the need for hours of manual work, allowing HR teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.  

AI can be a powerful tool for HR, enabling them to create engaging employee communications and accurate job descriptions effortlessly, but it works best when guidance is baked directly into the tool. By leveraging an integrated generative AI experience with Sequoia, HR teams have a thoughtful and trusted way to help improve efficiency, drive engagement, and strengthen their ability to attract and retain top talent. We’re already working on another set of AI-enhancements with the Typeface team. Stay tuned for more.  

To learn more about the Sequoia People Platform and to get started using the new generative AI capabilities, visit: sequoia.com/ai  

Jonathan Moore — Jonathan is the Director of Product Marketing for Sequoia. He explores the complex challenges facing companies today through research to inform Sequoia’s platform approach and go-to-market strategy. He has spent his career within the Healthcare and HR Technology industries. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys good coffee, Danish design, and photography.