Volunteering matters. It brings people together, it makes a difference, and it creates a ripple effect of health and societal benefits.

Over time and accelerated by COVID, our work, community, and social structures have changed. The news shows us that there’s less trust in institutions, companies struggle to engage employees working from home, people are lonelier, and our wellbeing suffers.

Sequoia tested the power of volunteering by activating our team and our clients during National Volunteer month. We learned that the experience delivered more than feeling good for doing good. It strengthened our team, our company, and our community. We found that volunteering:

  • Connects distributed employees to each other and to the company culture. It also fosters team bonding across functional groups.
  • Demonstrates a company’s commitment to the community and creates fun and meaningful experiences that employees care about. This helps attract and retain talent and strengthens relationships with clients who share the same values.
  • Builds a sense of social connection and belonging that can shift the epidemic of loneliness, render hope, and deliver tangible health benefits.  
  • Amplifies the ability of non-profits to serve their clients and strengthen communities.

The beauty of volunteering, in our disconnected society, is that it’s an invitation for everyone. When you volunteer: everyone’s in, everyone wins, and companies, people and communities thrive.

How will you engage your employees in volunteering this year? Stay in touch with us at impact@sequoia.com for ideas, tips, and turnkey volunteer opportunities for your team.

Diann Lawson — Diann is the Director of the Sequoia Impact Program, where she works to build a connected community for social good. She engages Sequoia team members, clients and extended network in giving back to the community through volunteerism, fundraising for causes, and learning about social challenges and how to take action. In her free time, Diann enjoys skiing, traveling and spending time with her family.