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Halfway through 2016, the Zeitgeist of culture building has led to an increased focus on the employee experience. Central to this has been the development of parental leave laws and policies – many of which come with complications around communication, implementation and compliance. On Tuesday, August 24th, we held an event in New York focused on how businesses are successfully planning for and implementing leave policies that set their organizations and employees up for success. The slide decks are posted below. Thanks to all who attended!

Shannon Spanhake, Founder and CEO of Instacare, gave a presentation on the maternity market and how smart companies are impacting retention and engagement with perks and special care for their employees.

Slide Deck

Kaleana Markley, Health & Wellbeing Program Manager, Sequoia Consulting Group, talked about where to start when developing parenting programs and the stages of parenting from an employer’s standpoint.

Slide Deck

Cara Brennan Allamano, Director of People at Planet Labs, discussed how Planet Labs has built out and managed a successful leave program, and what practitioners should think about as they roll out their own initiatives.

Slide Deck

Anna Steffeney, Founder of Leave Logic, explained how companies can increase efficiency and help employees navigate benefit, family choices, manager discussions and return to work plans.

Slide Deck

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