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Halfway through 2016, the Zeitgeist of culture building has led to an increased focus on the employee experience. Central to this has been the development of parental leave laws and policies – many of which come with complications around communication, implementation and compliance. On Tuesday, June 14th, we held an event in San Francisco focused on how businesses are successfully planning for and implementing leave policies that set their organizations and employees up for success. The slide decks are posted below. Thanks to all who attended!

Shannon Spanhake, Founder and CEO of Instacare, gave a presentation on the maternity market and how smart companies are impacting retention and engagement with perks and special care for their employees.

Slide Deck

Gene Lanzoni, Assistant VP, Group & Worksite Marketing at Guardian Life, talked about best practices that businesses are employing to drive absence management success, trends in the market, compliance and the importance of communication.

Slide Deck

Cara Brennan Allamano, Director of People at Planet Labs, discussed how Planet Labs has built out and managed a successful leave program, and what practitioners should think about as they roll out their own initiatives.

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Anna Steffeney, Founder of Leave Logic, explained how companies can increase efficiency and help employees navigate benefit, family choices, manager discussions and return to work plans.

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We also had a number of vendors join us to share information about their companies. The complete list is below:


  • About:My InstaCare offers your employees instant access to health and wellness experts. We help them get the health advice they need without the hassle of traveling to see a doctor. This saves money for both your employees and your business.
  • Website: http://www.helloinstacare.com/(Sign Up for Alerts, Launching Soon!)
  • Contact: Shannon Spanhake, Founder & CEO, shannon@helloinstacare.com


  • About: LeaveLogic is a technology company that delivers a parental leave management platform to Fortune 1000 companies.  We inform and guide employees through the career, financial, and family decisions to ensure a successful parental leave. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, LeaveLogic is helping companies retain their top talent.
  • Website: www.LeaveLogic.com
  • Contact: Anna Steffeney Founder/CEO,  anna@leavelogic.com


  • About: HopSkipDrive makes life easier for busy parents by taking the stress out of the carpool conundrum and arranging rides for kids with drivers who have significant childcare experience. Our founders are moms who acutely feel the challenge of getting kids to activities, and who understand the safety concerns.
  • Website: http://hopskipdrive.com
  • Contact: Leila Pirnia, Director of Marketing, leila@hopskipdrive.com

Urban Sitter:

  • About: UrbanSitter is committed to helping parents find babysitting connections through people they trust. Using your social network and affiliations, UrbanSitter lets you see how you are connected to sitters and parents. Our search and booking process make it easy to book a sitter in minutes. Offers credits, emergency backup care, and event babysitting credits for organizations with parental programs.
  • Websitehttp://www.urbansitter.com
  • Contact: Kevin Cruz,  Director, Business Development, kevin@urbansitter.com


  • About: Milk Stork is the first business travel solution for breastfeeding moms. With Milk Stork, breastfeeding moms who have to travel for business can safely and easily send their breast milk home to their babies. Using no-fuss temperature controlled, pharmaceutical-grade coolers, moms can send a day’s supply of milk home for each day that they are away.
  • Website: http://www.milkstork.com
  • Contact: Kate Torgersen, Founder & CEO, kate@milkstork.com

Day One Baby:

  • About: Your preferred source for Prenatal, New Parent, & Toddler education; specializing in Lactation support, breastpump rentals, and essential baby products. We believe new parents need both a physical destination for creating community with like-minded families, and an online resource where they can find the best products and most enhanced education for the entire family circle—moms, dads, nannies, and extended relatives alike. Help with designing mom’s rooms, return to work gifts, and more!
  • Website: https://www.dayonebaby.com/
  • Contact: Nancy Held, Co-Founder & President, nancy@dayonebaby.com


  • About: Emissaries is the recruiting agency specializing in filling parental leaves via a nationwide network of 500+ seasoned, vetted freelancers. Emissaries has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Huffington Post, TechRepublic, Business Rockstars, Talent Management Magazine, Motherly and Working Mother.
  • Website: http://www.emissaries.co
  • Contact: Michelle Meyer, Founder & CEO, michelle@emissaries.co

Janada Clark, Parent Speaker:

  • About: Janada teaches the Love and Logic® approach to parenting. In all her years of experience she has found this philosophy to be the most loving and effective program for equipping parents with easy-to-use tools and strategies. Love and Logic® offers a loving approach to parenting. Critical thinking, good decision making, and increased cooperation are just some of the benefits that children develop as parents apply the tools.
  • Website: http://www.janadaclark.com/
  • Contact: Janada Clark, Parent Educator, clearpathcoaching@msn.com