With today’s distributed workforce, it’s no longer possible to have a job candidate sit through an onsite presentation to learn about the benefits your company offers. And, it’s not the best use of time to barrage their inboxes with PDFs and spend hours fielding questions on plan details.

What if your HR team could invite candidates to a digital experience of your company’s benefits package, so they can see everything available to them as a new hire in one place? Now you can, with Sequoia’s Company Benefits Sites. This new feature built on Sequoia’s People Platform gives companies an edge the recruitment process, by providing candidates with an impressive, easy-to-navigate, branded tour of their company’s investment in its people.  

With everything candidates need to know about your benefits experience at their fingertips, they can make a swift and informed decision about accepting a position and experience your company’s values, all while saving your HR team valuable time.

Simplify sharing benefits with prospective hires.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Customize and publish your site.
  2. Share a link with your candidate.
  3. Your candidate will see a customized welcome message and have access to all benefits and programs in one place, including:
    1. An overview of the entire benefits package,
    2. Details for all healthcare, retirement, and wellbeing benefits
    3. Interactive tools to compare plans and costs and forecast retirement savings with your company’s 401(k) plans and company match
    4. Share plan details with a partner so they can coordinate the best choices for the whole family

The ease of the entire experience gives candidates a window into how simple it will be to unlock the full value of their benefits as an employee. Visit  www.sequoia.com/platform to learn more about Company Benefits Sites for prospective hires and how to get started.

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Jonathan Moore – Jonathan is the Director of Product Marketing for Sequoia. He explores the complex challenges facing companies today through research to inform Sequoia’s platform approach and go-to-market strategy. He has spent his career within the Healthcare and HR Technology industries. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys good coffee, Danish design, and photography.