Update: HCSO Annual Reporting Form Now Available


The 2016 HCSO Employer Annual Reporting Form is now available online.  All Covered Employers must complete the reporting by 5/1/17 (since 4/30/16 is a Sunday).  To check whether you are required to complete the form, complete the short survey on the first page or the Annual Reporting Form.


The HCSO has provided detailed instructions on how to complete the reporting form as well as a PDF preview of the form.  Please review the instructions and PDF preview prior to completing the reporting to ensure that you have all the information required for the reporting.


The HCSO office will also be posting a webinar recording by 4/12/17, which is designed to help employers fill out and submit the 2016 Employer Annual Reporting Form.


Lastly, if you have not already, please sign up for the HCSO E-mail List to receive an e-mail notification each year when the Annual Reporting Form is available.



What is the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance? 

This law, also known as the HCSO, requires Covered Employers to meet certain obligations including, but not limited to, satisfying the Employer Spending Requirement (ESR) by making requisite health care expenditures on behalf of their Covered Employees. For more information on what constitutes Covered Employers/Covered Employees, please visit the San Francisco HCSO website.


What do I need to do?   

Covered Employers are required to file reports with the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (OLSE) on an annual basis, as well as maintain records of related documents for four (4) years. These annual reports are due on 4/30 each year and the the reporting form will be made available by 4/1.  Failure to timely file these reports is considered a violation of the HCSO and such Covered Employers will be subject to penalties.

The 2016 Annual Reporting form will be available by 4/1/2017 and is due by 5/1/2017 (since 4/20/2017 falls on a Sunday).

For additional information on the HCSO in general, please visit the OLSE website.


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