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Now that the holidays are over and your New Year’s resolutions are on the books, it’s time to
get your legal affairs in order. A fresh start for many, the new year is a great time to reflect and
reassess your priorities, as well as ask yourself some honest questions like, will my family be
protected after I pa ss away? Who should be allowed to make decisions for me, if I’m suddenly
n ot able to? Maybe you’ve been putting off your estate planning because it seems too stressful,
or perhaps it’s just not on your radar yet. Either way, you’re not alone. Let us help you!

An estate plan may seem overwhelming, but if you break it down, it’s really just a collection of
documents that explain how you want your affairs to be handled when you’re no longer able to
speak for yourself. We’ve compiled a list of essential estate planning documents (all available to those who have the Rocket Lawyer Legal Benefits ) that are simple and easy to complete on Rocket Lawyer:

Last Will and Testament
For most people, estate planning is synonymous with a Last Will and Testament. It’s an
important document, of course, but it’s just the start of your comprehensive estate plan (more on
that later). Instead, your Last Will and Testament lets you choose who inherits your assets (also
known as beneficiaries), select an executor to carry out your wishes, and appoint guardians for
your children.

Living Will
While your Last Will and Testament lets you plan for when you pass away, your Living Will
allows you to plan for for a time when you’re alive but unable to make decisions for yourself. For
instance, if you’re hospitalized and unresponsive, your Living Will would dictate how you’d like
to be cared for. Why is this important? For many reasons: you may have strong religious beliefs
surrounding the idea of being resuscitated, or feel comfortable with some life-saving measures
but not others. In the end, a Living Will makes sure that your wishes are respected and ensures
that your loved ones are spared from making these difficult decisions in your place.

Healthcare Power of Attorney
Similar to a Living Will, a Healthcare Power of Attorney addresses your medical treatment when
you cannot make decisions for yourself. However, instead of dictating exactly how you’d like to
be treated, a Healthcare Power of Attorney document designates a person to make the
decisions for you. In most cases, people choose a spouse or a close family member. If you want
to give similar authorization over your financial affairs, a regular Power of Attorney can do that.

Living Trust
One way of helping your loved ones avoid probate is to create a Living Trust, which allows you
to transfer your assets to a separate legal entity while you’re still alive. The probate process can
be long and drawn-out, so creating a Living Trust can save time and headaches for your loved
ones (or your designated charities) and make sure they receive your assets quickly and without
added stress.

Estate planning guide
Ok, so it’s not a legal document, but our estate planning guide gives you a great overview of the
whole process, from learning about debts and taxes to finding out if a Living Trust is right for
With Rocket Lawyer Legal Benefits, you can access all these documents (and thousands more!)
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