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Research shows that diversity on teams and in leadership creates better business outcomes: greater market share, innovation, and revenue. That’s much easier said than done. Organizations need to both effectively advance diverse employees to positions of influence AND build inclusive, “speak up” cultures that unlock the value of those diverse teams. What does it take to build not just diverse teams — but also inclusive ones? On Tuesday, June 7th, we held an event in New York focusing on this topic. Thanks to all who attended!

Mai Ton, VP of HR at OneLogin, shared how she has made diversity an organizational priority, and how it’s changed the way that they operate. As the company behind the viral #ILookLikeanEngineer recruiting campaign, OneLogin is at the forefront of the diversity movement in tech.

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Divya Ghatak, Chief People Officer at GoodData, talked about her “GoodVoices” program, and how it’s been the foundation for scaling the culture of inclusion, transparency, and innovation at GoodData. While large tech companies average just 15% women in leadership roles, GoodData is at over 30% – and climbing.

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Courtney Emerson, Advisor at Everwise, shared how her team has built a scalable development program leveraging mentorship and technology to break down barriers and create opportunities for emerging women leaders. Designed to address and close traditional gaps in development programming, EverwiseWomen has worked with over 40 innovative companies since its inaugural program launch in November 2015.

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