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Sequoia Total

From benefits to risk, local to global, we’ve got you covered

Delivering a unified solution to cover all your employment services needs

Sequoia Total is an all-inclusive solution that has evolved out of our client needs for not only comprehensive benefits and risk management coverage, but a personal touch to build employment experiences that change the game. Sequoia’s consultative approach is rooted in execution. We believe that one size fits none. So, we listen first. Then we execute a strategy that combines our expert knowledge of benefits, risk management, and HR best practices with a goal to simplify, integrate, and unify all the services you need, including:

Employee Benefits

Enrich the lives of your employees


Invest in your employees’ futures

Risk Management

Protect your business and people


Stay informed and in line


Promote healthy working and living

Global Services

Confidently expand your business

Proudly serving the most forward-thinking, employee-focused companies

If you ask our clients why they chose to partner with Sequoia, you’ll discover that our passion for service is what sets us apart.

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Helping you consolidate, align, and simplify employment services

The world’s most dynamic, fast-moving companies are making the smart choice when it comes to choosing an employment services provider. The Sequoia Total solution combines a team of passionate consultants, best practices, and best-in-class services and infrastructure. Utilizing a proven service lifecycle with a personal touch, we aim to better serve you and your employees, around the clock, around the calendar.

The Sequoia Total promise:

Consolidate, simplify, align

Sequoia Canopy has you covered. We unify your HR strategy and financial modeling. We remove complexity by consolidating vendors, policy management, and your annual service calendar. We align your global benefits and HR practices.

Attract and retain top talent

Provide affordable benefits benchmarked against industry leaders and customized to your needs so you can attract and retain the talent you need.

Protect your business

Reduce risk and liability. Charge ahead knowing that legal, tax, and HR experts are navigating the complex world of compliance for you.

Streamline your time and attention

Focus on the things that drive profitability, innovation, and great culture. We’ll take the lead on the administrative processes, compliance, and execution of your benefits and HR needs. With reports, benchmarking, and service calendars designed to save you time, we strive to streamline processes and reduce the time investment required to run multiple employer programs.

The Sequoia Total difference:

Experience with dynamic, hyper-growth companies

Sequoia has a strong heritage working with innovative and disruptive companies, from angel to IPO. Our expert team knows the market inside and out and understands what options will best fit your business at every stage of your evolution. Our service-oriented focus means we comfortably work at the pace of hyper-growth companies.

A legacy of innovation, fueled by client needs

Sequoia lives in the future, not in the past. Our innovative spirit means we are constantly striving to find new approaches to solve client needs. First, we listen. We find out where you want to go, and how you want to get there. Then we create solutions chalk full of best practices and designed to be a catalyst to your business. Like Sequoia Canopy. With this full-coverage solution, we apply our understanding of the inner workings of healthcare, carriers, ACA, and more, to deliver new options to solve both traditional and modern day business issues.

Unmatched breadth of services

From benefits to risk management, from local to global, Sequoia exclusively offers the most comprehensive set of services to address all of your employment and HR administration needs. Fueled by a passion to serve our clients, Sequoia Canopy has evolved with the knowledge that some clients want a fully-integrated, all-inclusive, white-glove approach.

A built-in evolution path

Utilizing a proven service lifecycle and project plans, Sequoia’s orchestrated team will continually assess your business requirements, goals, and risks, to meet the ever evolving needs of your organization. You’ll have a seamless evolution path as you grow, with the Sequoia suite of products growing with your business through every stage.


“AdRoll has grown at a rapid pace over the last couple of years and our partnership with Sequoia has been invaluable. They’ve helped us scale our US and International benefits, overhaul the 401(k) program, and have been a true advocate for our employees.  We appreciate Sequoia’s unique expertise with technology companies and value them as a trusted advisor.”



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