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500-1500 Employees

Sequoia solutions for maturing companies

Size matters

Sequoia’s 18-year legacy advising companies of all sizes informs the approach we take with companies at each stage of growth. As a maturing company, your employment strategy has evolved based on the infrastructure and resources you put in place. Now that you’re likely self-funding your insurance, you can get the most impact from a strategy that focuses on plan customization, consolidation, automation, as well as adoption across your employee population. If you’re supporting a global team, it’s time to seek more continuity across global markets to nurture a consistent employee culture. Sequoia has been through this exciting phase with many clients. Our expert team is ready to help you build a modernized employment brand you can be proud of.

We’re proud to work with these emerging household names

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Helping you unlock new leverage

Sequoia takes a consultative approach with every client, starting with a discussion on your business priorities and needs. As your company reaches maturity, you have the unique opportunity to benefit from Sequoia’s proven expertise helping businesses build efficient, airtight, enlightened employment brands.

Sequoia asks the questions that matter to help you build a thriving employment brand.

  • Have you performed self-funding feasibility analysis or already moved to self insurance?
  • Have you begun to consolidate and automate your administrative HR processes?
  • Do you encourage employee adoption via unique education and communication channels?
  • Are you prepared to merge programs in the event of an acquisition?
  • Do you promote your corporate values across countries while maximizing local expertise?
  • Did you know a wellness program can impact your claims as a self-funded organization?
  • Have you considered executive benefits program to better service your key stakeholders?

Proven solutions to reach the next level

Built to support employment best practices, Sequoia’s packaged solutions make it easy to take the proven route.

Sequoia Tech

Sequoia Tech is a unique benefits solution that helps high tech companies leverage the purchasing power of their collective $50 Billion market value. Sequoia Tech carriers, plan designs, and rich perks are hand-picked to help you compete with high-tech leaders.

Sequoia Total

Sequoia Total is an all-inclusive solution that combines our expert knowledge of benefits, risk management, and HR best practices with all the services you need to simplify, integrate, and unify your employment strategy.

Flexible, expertly designed services

Sequoia offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to support your employment experience and perfectly complement your existing offerings.

Employee Benefits

Enrich the lives of your employees


Invest in your employees’ futures

Risk Management

Protect your business and people


Stay informed and in line


Promote healthy working and living

Global Services

Confidently expand your business


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