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People-Driven Success Story

Vungle Chooses High-Quality Benefits and Customer Service for Employees

Vungle has transformed how people discover and experience apps, working with developers and publishers of all sizes, everywhere in the world.




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One of Vungle’s top priorities is to provide world-class benefits to their employees. Not long after Stephanie Douglass joined Vungle as VP of People in 2016, Stephanie realized that the benefits at the company were not living up to that expectation – prices were high, employees were complaining about the customer service, and there were no premium offerings such as high-end dental or wellbeing services. She needed to find a way to improve the employee experience by enriching their benefits package and providing more support to employees, and Stephanie knew she had two options: bring benefits in-house or find another PEO.

After serious deliberation, Stephanie decided to partner with Sequoia One to outsource HR, benefits, and payroll. She said, “I knew that by bringing benefits in-house, we wouldn’t be able to offer the exact level of benefits we wanted, such as higher coverage, lower deductibles, etc., but we’d at least have great customer service for our employees. I wasn’t sure what I would get with another PEO. But thankfully, I didn’t have to make a sacrifice – with Sequoia, we now have amazing benefit offerings and amazing customer service.”

By working with Sequoia One, even as a 280-person company, we can provide a breadth of premium benefit offerings that we wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.

Making employees’ lives easier with great benefits 

Vungle is a company that prides itself on investing in their people, and Stephanie is determined to make sure Vungle employees are well taken care of through upgraded HMOs, PPOs, dental plans and more.

“My vision is for Vungle’s offerings to be so good that our employees never worry about accessing care. They simply know that their families are supported, and their lives are so much easier because of that.”

Stephanie added, “By working with Sequoia One, even as a 280-person company, we can provide a breadth of premium benefit offerings that we wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. Our employees pay less and see more value in the benefits we’re able to offer them. I haven’t received any negative feedback since transitioning to Sequoia One.”

Employees are also able to get direct and personalized support from Sequoia to address their immediate needs, relieving stress and allowing them to be more productive. Stephanie said, “I love that if employees have questions about accessing healthcare or reimbursing bills, or even learning more about our pet insurance plan, they can just reach out to our dedicated Sequoia advocate, and I know that Sequoia will take care of it. It’s that easy.”

With Sequoia, I feel like I have a team of smart HR professionals always on my side. They’re here to support me.

Feeling confident in the partnership 

Prior to her partnership with Sequoia, Stephanie said she felt like she constantly had to oversee all documentation to make sure the final products were accurate and compliant. Now, she feels a weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

“With Sequoia, I feel like I have a united team of smart HR, payroll and legal specialists who understand and care about our benefits and my employees. I lean on them heavily – not because there problems that need solving, but because I know I can trust them and offload tasks.”

Having the support of Sequoia’s compliance team has also lightened Stephanie’s workload. “The Sequoia team stays on top of policies and laws more than I do, so I feel like I can relax and not worry about that,” Stephanie explained. “I know that when I talk to my representatives, they will catch me up on everything I need to know, and in the meantime, I can turn my attention to everything else we’re doing at Vungle and advance our company goals.”

Meet the Client

Stephanie Douglass
VP of People, Vungle

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