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Global Services

Expand your business with confidence

Bringing superior benefits solutions to your global workforce

Faster than ever, trailblazing businesses are going global. Along with this expansion comes a specific set of questions and issues around benefits for global employees. Sequoia’s team of experienced consultants helps you navigate the complex nuances of operating in various countries. Tailoring the right solutions for your business, we partner with you to build an overarching, scalable global benefits strategy. From international business travelers, to a solo employee opening up operations in Asia, to a team of 2,000 in your European headquarters, we put global benefits in a local context and assist you with:

Proudly serving the most forward-thinking, employee-focused companies

If you ask our clients why they chose to partner with Sequoia, you’ll discover that our passion for service is what sets us apart.


Covering your bases, at home and abroad

The Sequoia team works on your behalf to ensure your employees are fully covered, no matter where they live or travel. We have agreements with local brokers, know the benchmarks for competitive benefits packages, know the compliance landscape, and most importantly, will help you provide comprehensive coverage for every employee without overburdening your in-house resources. Sequoia Global Services will be an extension of your team, bringing our global and local knowledge to you so you maintain full control of your global strategy.

The Sequoia Global Services promise:

Scale quickly and effectively

Scaling your global business effectively across locations used to take years. Now, it can be achieved in just months. Sequoia has the tools and resources to provide you with the right kind of guidance to help you build a global workforce.

Control costs and ensure compliance

Every country comes with different regulations and compliance considerations. Sequoia provides the experience you need and access to local expertise.

Attract and retain top talent

Provide affordable benefits benchmarked against others similar in size, scope, and location. Offer your employees the best benefits without regard for geographic boundaries.

Freedom to focus on business priorities

Leave the complexities of global expansion to the experts. We not only provide a dedicated team to help implement your global benefits plan, but we commit to a long-term partnership to help shape your global strategy. Throughout the plan year, you can count on us to assist with plan administration and employee communications, update you on changing regulations, and manage plan renewals.

The Sequoia Global Services difference:

Access to our global network of local experts

We provide clients with access to an expansive network of brokers and local experts in over 130 countries.

Extensive experience in the global benefits market

Knowledge in global benefits can only come from experience. We provide access to consultants who have spent years working in this space so you can spend less time trying to come up to speed.

State-of-the-art technology resources

Sequoia clients can access an electronic data warehouse that tracks renewals, provides complete transparency on current benefits, and simplifies the organization and delivery of your global benefits programs.

The Sequoia ecosystem

Sequoia Global Services is part of the larger Sequoia ecosystem of service offerings. Sequoia Consulting Group is one of the Bay Area’s leading benefits providers. No matter what your company needs now or in the future, we have the experts and offerings to ensure your global benefits deliver a world-class employee experience.

“The Sequoia Global Services team is proactive in wanting to understand our company’s needs as we continued to grow and have been successful in helping us reach our international growth goals. I highly recommend Sequoia!”


Addressing the entire spectrum of global benefits needs

Many companies are unsure how to navigate the global benefits landscape as their company grows. Few HR teams have experience administering global benefits programs. Understanding how to prepare a strong infrastructure requires the expertise of a trusted adviser who has been through it many times before. Sequoia is here to help. While your offices may be located around the world, your Sequoia Global Services team is local, operating in your time zone, and centralized for your convenience. We ensure that any employee, anywhere in the world, receives the same positive employment experience as your U.S.-based employees with the following service offerings:

Global Benefits Coverage

Global Services offers solutions to address the entire spectrum of benefits needs to support any employee, anywhere. Our experts are experienced working with global workforces that include:

  • Local nationals: Employees who live and work in their country of nationality.
  • U.S. expatriates and third-country nationals: Whether you have U.S. citizens working and residing outside of the U.S. or non-U.S. citizens working and residing outside of their country of nationality, they all need coverage.
  • Business travelers: Employees who are travelling from one country to another on business.
  • Inpatriates: For employees who are not U.S. citizens but working locally in the U.S., we can help your company work with carriers to arrange and confirm H-1 visa compliance.

Global Strategy & Benchmarking

Sequoia has a breadth of resources to help you formulate your global strategy or enhance your existing offerings to ensure that your employees are covered regardless of where they live or work. We know the global benefits landscape and have access to local experts in over 130 countries. We provide tailored, benchmarked reports to ensure that your benefits fit your philosophy and are attractive to existing and potential employees. Our plans are specifically designed to support your global workforce, including:

  • Medical, dental and vision
  • Life, AD&D and disability
  • Pensions
  • Non-insured benefits and perks
  • Advice on statutory benefits including family leave, vacation entitlement, and more

Implementation & Administration

Once you’ve got a foundational strategy in place, Sequoia supports your benefits implementation and policy administration, continuously ensuring your policies are meeting the needs of your global employees. Specific services include:

  • Plan setup and implementation
  • Employee onboarding and communication tools
  • Multinational pool management to secure the most competitive rates regardless of the number of employees you have at any given location
  • Renewal management
  • Translation of plan documents, if required

Technology Resources

By partnering with Sequoia on global benefits, you gain access to an integrated benefits data management tool that simplifies the organization of your full suite of benefits services and programs.  Data and decision-support tools will be at your fingertips, and an innovative renewal tracker will help you keep tabs on renewal dates for different countries.


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