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Sequoia Global Coordination

The modern approach to global benefits management

Looking to replace your global benefits broker? Implementing a global benefits brokerage arrangement for the first time? Wherever you are on your journey, from initial expansion to multi-country entities, to fully global operations, Sequoia can provide optimal support and simplify the management of your global benefits programs.

 While the traditional global benefits management (GBM) or “global brokerage” model is well established, our modern approach makes more sense in today’s dynamic global economy. The Sequoia model for global benefits management offers distinct advantages over traditional global brokerage models:

  • Leading tech company experience and data
    Our broad experience with hundreds of technology and people-driven companies means that we have unique data on the world’s most innovative, market changing employers, and we know what it takes to fuel your growth and come through for your people globally.
  • More flexibility in local broker choice
    You select the best local broker to fit your needs. No more mandates, which means happier local operations.
  • Ease of implementation
    We require a much lower lift from your team in implementing the Sequoia global model compared to traditional models.
  • Guidance, service and technology
    Our model combines strategic guidance, tactical service excellence, and a market-leading platform that delivers powerful benefits management capabilities and a consistent experience for employees in every country.
  • Real, transparent cost control
    Sequoia is a truly independent partner. We eliminate potential financial conflicts and deliver the best financial outcomes for our clients globally. We are remunerated by fixed fees and not commission share, so we have no disincentives regarding lowering local country commissions.
  • Access to the Sequoia Network
    Sequoia can support operation in over 140 countries through our network of market leading benefits brokers and consultants providing the same high level of service to small or large employee populations.

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