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Sequoia Journey Tree

The Journey Tree represents the personal and professional milestones achieved during your time at Sequoia. Team members receive their Journey Tree soon after their Sequoia Back Pack ceremony. Branches are made available for you as you reach certain milestones. Over time, just like your own journey, your tree will grow more colorful and vibrant.

How do I get a branch? 

Branches reflect the milestones of your Sequoia Journey. Your personal milestone are tracked in Lattice (similar to Plan Year Commitments). Professional milestones, such as work anniversaries, are added quarterly. Personal milestones can be added directly by your manager.

And the next time you’re in a Sequoia office, you can pick up your branches onsite and add them to your tree at home.

For instructions on how to update Lattice and where to go within the offices, please go to the PX page to learn more.