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Win with People:
Total Rewards Webinar Series

Pay. Equity. Benefits. Wellbeing. Yesterday’s approach to Total Rewards simply isn’t enough for this fast-moving and much more complex distributed workforce. In this series of webinars, our panel of Sequoia moderators and subject matter experts will unpack how pioneering HR and Business Leaders are approaching their workforce planning and total rewards strategy now. We’ll also look at the latest capabilities of the Sequoia People Platform that support our clients’ strategies and them win with people.

Win With People Total Rewards Webinar Series

Upcoming Sessions

Win With People Total Rewards Webinar Series

On the Level: Finding the Right Structure for

Your Company

Wednesday, January 26th 9:00am – 9:55am PT

Session designed for Sequoia One clients

Job leveling is a critical step for establishing the career paths and transparency expected from both your employees and today’s job seeking talent.

From getting started to expanding leveling as your team grows, we’ll share tips for success from leading companies in this 55-minute webinar.

Past Session Recordings

Win With People Total Rewards Webinar Series

Introduction to the Total Rewards Solution for Sequoia One

Session designed exclusively for Sequoia One clients

We’re excited to be rolling out enhancements to the Sequoia People Platform that will improve your workforce planning and provide a better way for you to compete for and retain your top talent.

During this 55-minute webinar, we gave a demo our new Sequoia Total Rewards Solution and provided next steps for you to activate the features already included in your Sequoia One services.

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