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For people-driven companies, your ability to stay on course is directly tied to the way you reward your people – especially when facing economic headwinds. With our expert consultants and unifying platform, Sequoia helps you smartly navigate any market and deliver on your people promise by building a world-class total rewards program that performs for and adapts with your business.

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Total rewards guidance you can count on as you face new challenges

Sequoia’s proven service model is centered around helping clients big and small leverage their total rewards to attract talent and take care of people. You get a team of compensation and benefits experts who have seen the market in times of boom and bust and know the importance of mindful spending. We use predictive modeling, real-time benchmarking insights, and your own program data to align your total rewards strategy with your evolving business goals and people needs.

Unmatched breadth to address pay,
equity, benefits, and wellbeing

While consulting firms and software providers address pieces of the total rewards puzzle, only Sequoia combines the strategic expertise and smart technology to control all the levers of your total rewards program. From base and bonus pay to equity grants, from health and wellbeing benefits to 401(k), we bring into focus what matters most to your talent pool and help you plan and execute a strategy that contains costs while maximizing retention.

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The cornerstone of your total people investment strategy

Even though it’s nearly 70% of your total spend, Sequoia sees your total people investment as a strategic growth driver rather than a cost center. When you have the power to see, measure, and understand the impact of your compensation and benefits programs, and the ability to course correct at a micro level or at scale, your total rewards become the barometer for better outcomes for your business and your people.

A modern platform that
brings it all together

Sequoia HRX

Take action on your total rewards strategy and measure the impact

Sequoia HRX lightens your administrative load and centralizes insights, measurement, and reporting across your programs to help your HR team steer your total rewards strategy in the right direction.

Sequoia PX

Sequoia PX

Empower and engage your people with better access to their total rewards

Sequoia PX delivers a seamless desktop and mobile experience​ for your people to discover, use, and appreciate the entire spectrum of the total rewards your company provides. 

Totally invested in your total rewards

Sequoia is the partner of choice for people-driven companies looking to influence business outcomes through their total rewards. We offer proactive consulting services to guide a​ year-round strategy, compensation support tailored to your unique challenges, and independent advisors that partner with your management team and compensation committee to deliver total rewards that work well for your business and people.

Total Rewards Philosophy Design

We’ll help you articulate your company’s approach to compensation, including:

  • The purpose of your total rewards program
  • Where you stand competitively in the bid for talent
  • How to target your pay and equity relative to the market
Job Leveling & Mapping

We’ll set the foundation to place your entire company on our proven leveling system, including:

  • Matching positions to a specific job category
  • Aligning positions to specific functions
  • Mapping positions to specific job levels
Compensation Benchmarking

Armed with powerful benchmarking data, we’ll analyze your compensation program to:

  • Determine where your company sits in terms of structure and span of control
  • Recommend discounts or premiums for pay across your geographic locations
  • Inform which gaps to fill as your company scales
Salary Structures & Bonus Plan Design

We specialize in developing a company pay structure plan that:

  • Includes midpoints, range spreads, and costing
  • Ensures your company is compensating within market range
  • Defines level-based salary structures to determine annual increases and promotions
  • Informs the development of new hire packages
Pay Equity Review
We’ll help you analyze pay between employees of similar levels and responsibilities and determine if pay discrepancies exist based on certain identifiers like age, gender, race, etc.
Equity Program Development

We’ll be your partner in developing grade-based company equity guidelines to help you:

  • Define how you split out shares for technical and non-technical roles
  • Provide a roadmap for both new hire awards and refresh awards as well as their timing
  • Ensure your equity program stays competitive, affordable, and sustainable
Executive Compensation
Our team has extensive experience advising both management and compensation committees on a wide variety of executive compensation matters:

  • Overall program competitiveness and affordability
  • Founder refresh awards
  • Performance equity award design
IPO Planning

Should your private company become a publicly-owned and operated entity, we’ll provide the guidance and support to:

  • Address governance requirements
  • Set up public company equity grant guidelines
  • Establish a new equity incentive plan and ESPP
  • Define the board structure and compensation
  • Develop an executive compensation and severance program
Total Rewards Statements

We’ll deliver automated statements detailing all the rewards offered to each individual employee, including:

  • Fixed and variable compensation
  • Healthcare and wellbeing benefits
  • 401(k) retirement savings
Offer Letters
We’ll deliver automated offer letters customized to your company, including

  • Total rewards summary
  • Employee value proposition
  • Offer execution interface

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