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Sequoia Total Rewards Statements

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Show your people how invested you are

Built on the Sequoia People Platform, Total Rewards Statements delivers a crystal-clear summary of each employee’s compensation, equity, and benefits in an interactive statement.

Total Rewards on the Sequoia Platform

Connect the dots of their total rewards

Help your people truly understand all the ways you invest in them through compensation and beyond. With controlled access company wide, you can deliver easy-to-digest statements to each employee via the same multi-channel Sequoia PX experience they use to access and engage with all their company-provided benefits and rewards.

Summarize rewards year over year

As a lever to aid retention, help your employees see the cumulative value you place in them by giving them a history of their total rewards over their entire tenure. When equity is part of the equation, help them see the projected value of grants with an interactive estimator. 

Detail of Total Rewards UI
Business leader with comp planning UI detail

Support management insight

In addition to helping employees understand all the ways you invest in them, Total Rewards Statements also help managers get a clear picture of how each of their direct reports are fully compensated.

Leverage payroll and equity providers

The Sequoia People Platform fully integrates with your payroll and equity providers so that your Total Rewards Statements accurately reflect cash compensation in the form of salary, bonus, commissions, and stipends, as well as quantify the projected worth for current shares, RSUs and other awarded grants. 

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Get more out of your total rewards

Sequoia combines the strategic expertise and smart technology to control all the levers of your total rewards program. With the Sequoia People Platform and our team of compensation and benefits experts, we bring into focus what matters most to your people and help you plan and execute a strategy for maximum impact.

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