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A holistic approach to reopening the workplace

As shelter-in-place orders lift across the nation, businesses are being forced to navigate a complex and rapidly-evolving situation. Putting the focus on the health of your people and your business, Sequoia’s solution ensures a safe transition back to a productive workplace.

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Activating the Sequoia Return to Work Framework™

Now, more than ever, Sequoia is delivering on our promise to care for your people and protect your business. To guide your path, we’ve defined an essential set of best practices, called the Sequoia Return to Work Framework™, to create a safe, productive work environment under the threat of COVID-19 and help you unlock the full potential of your workforce. Designed to address the five steps of the framework, the Sequoia Return to Work Center™ helps you confidently move forward and beyond the global pandemic. 


Create dynamic policies

In today’s volatile health environment, you need to be able to nimbly respond to changing conditions and create, administer, and share policies that keep your people safe and reduce your business risk. Leverage the policy engine in the Sequoia RTW Center to create dynamic policies with just a few clicks.


Set up testing and care

Sequoia helps you streamline critical processes like discovering pre-vetted testing solutions that match your health plans, locations, and unique needs. Using the Sequoia PX mobile app, your people can then easily discover support like One Medical testing services and, should they need it, the physical or virtual care providers to answer questions or get treatment. 


Run your playbook 

With your policies, testing, and care options in place, it’s now time to set your plans in motion and welcome people back to the workplace. Sequoia Return to Work Center™ empowers you to create an action plan to implement employee screening protocols for cohorts or office reservations and address gaps in health status and testing. It’s like a control center for managing daily attendance, communicating key information, and quickly responding to changing conditions.


Educate and communicate

This period of transition requires an elevated connection between a business and its people. Sequoia Return to Work Center™ makes it easy for you to inform HR and management on the changing landscape of the COVID-19 world. It also enables you to share relevant healthcare and wellbeing content and send updates and other notices to employees and their families though the Sequoia PX mobile app. 


Analyze and manage

Visibility and control are crucial components in your ability to move beyond the COVID-19 crisis. Sequoia Return to Work Center™ helps you make decisions faster with consolidated analytics, reporting, and benchmarking about how your people are progressing in their transition back to the workplace. Whether it’s digging in to employee status, cohort segmentation, tracking consent, or analyzing key trends, Sequoia brings it together in a consolidated view to guide your next steps.

Connected experiences to ease the transition back to work

Streamline the steps to creating a safer, more productive work environment

Through Sequoia HRX, your HR team and designated COVID-19 administrators have a central place to access the latest legislation and guidance, dynamically define and administer policies, manage employee cohorts and screening, and effectively communicate. 

Keep your people safe, healthy, productive, and fulfilled as they adjust to a new normal

Through the Sequoia PX mobile app, your employees have a single convenient place to stay up to date on your policies, self-report symptoms and work status, access COVID-19 resources, and find virtual care to support their physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Our partners are helping bring calm to a time of crisis

Included in the Sequoia Return to Work Center™ are integrated services and resources that will help your business more confidently rise to meet today’s challenges

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