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Sequoia Expands Total Rewards Solution to All Clients to Enable Stronger People Investment Strategies

Latest evolution delivers Candidate Offers, helping businesses elevate the hiring experience and remain competitive in current economic climate

SAN FRANCISCO – October 13, 2022 – Sequoia, the pioneer in Total People Investment, today announces Candidate Offers, the latest advancement to their Total Rewards Solution on the Sequoia People Platform. Candidate Offers folds into Sequoia’s ecosphere, which helps people-driven companies manage and implement a compelling compensation strategy to attract and retain top talent. Candidate Offers is an interactive, digital add-on solution that streamlines the overall hiring process and gives organizations offer acceptance confidence by ensuring salaries are competitive before the offer is sent. This tool integrates into Sequoia’s existing solution streamlining and making it easily accessible to hiring teams.

“In a challenging economic environment, the ability to showcase the total value of job offers to prospective employees is critical,” said Kyle Holm, vice president of Total Rewards Advisory at Sequoia. “Candidate Offers enables businesses to make impactful and competitive first impressions, by providing candidates with tools that help them understand the full current value of their compensation, as well as their potential earning power over time.”

Candidate Offers is plugged into benchmarking data embedded within Sequoia’s People Platform. As recruiters build out individual Candidate Offers, they can strategically incentivize based on current market trends, benchmarks, specifics on what employees want, and more. On the receiving end, candidates get a full picture of their full compensation package including base salary, projected value of equity, fiscal value of medical benefits and more.

Regarded as the latest innovation in creating compelling offer letters, Candidate Offers has evolved the stagnant PDF to a fully interactive format that:

  • Enables talent teams to easily track the offer lifecycle from internal approvals through candidate acceptance.
  • Allows recruiting teams to fine tune the details that matter most to every candidate.
  • Streamlines recruiting operations by efficiently managing offer reviews and capturing signoff from the right people before the offer is issued.
  • Tracks offer outcomes and acceptance rates for better insights into the success of recruiting practices and hiring process.

About Sequoia
Sequoia is the pioneer in Total People Investment. We help people-driven businesses design, deploy, and optimize people investment strategies that achieve engagement and business outcomes. Through expert guidance and the Sequoia People Platform, our offerings in total rewards, benefits, wellbeing, HR & payroll, and business protection tie into a higher strategic role, enabling companies to manage their global people investments, with reduced administrative burdens and deeper employee care and support.

For more than 20 years, people-driven companies have turned to Sequoia to unlock the full potential of their business and global workforce. Visit or follow us on LinkedIn to learn more.

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