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Employee Benefits


Enrich the lives of your employees


Delivering customized benefits that perfectly fit your business

Attracting and retaining the right kind of talent is critical in today’s competitive business environment. Failing to deliver the benefits employees expect could limit your ability to scale effectively and meet business objectives. From the moment you speak to a Sequoia benefits consultant, you have an objective adviser in your corner. We specialize in working with clients of almost every size and understand the current (and future) challenges you face. Together, we explore the entire spectrum of your benefits needs and design a package your company can be proud of:

Proudly serving the most forward-thinking, employee-focused companies

If you ask our clients why they chose to partner with Sequoia, you’ll discover that our passion for service is what sets us apart.

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Working on your behalf, our experts are always on your side

Sequoia consultants are your trustworthy, objective advisers. For each client, we perform detailed market analyses and learn what is important to your business and your employees. Then we go to bat for you, negotiating with carriers to assemble a portfolio of options that perfectly fits your needs. Throughout the process, Sequoia always has your best interests in mind. Our investment in our clients extends beyond initial implementation or renewal. We are there for you throughout the year, dedicated to removing the complexities of benefits administration and future legislation.

The Sequoia benefits promise:

Attract and retain top talent

Our mission is to provide affordable benefits designed to be competitive and include a variety of options for coverage benchmarked by industry and size.

Streamline and scale

Together with your dedicated team of consultants, specialists, and advocates, we provide guidance on the plan options available to you that best fit with your budget, company, and employee population. As your company grows, we reevaluate these options to grow with you.

Protect your business and people

Our compliance experts work with you to ensure that your business is protected. You can also feel confident that your company’s most important asset – your people – are getting the very best with a full suite of benefits offerings.

Freedom to focus on business priorities

Sequoia takes care of deliivering a world-class benefits package so you can focus on the strategic priorities and the day-to-day operation of your business.

Master your technology needs

With systems being such an integral part of your HR infrastructure, Sequoia goes the extra mile by making sure technology is working hard for you. Sequoia flexibly supports many of the industry-leading HCM/HRIS systems that may be a part of your existing infrastructure, or provides our own software solution to fill any technology gaps. Our expert team has deep knowledge of these systems and will help you evaluate, implement, administer, and even migrate systems as your technology needs evolve.

The Sequoia benefits difference:

Exceptional service

When you trust Sequoia to expertly manage your benefits program, nothing falls through the cracks. Our team works closely with your team to implement best practices, leverage data, and automate workflows to help your department run like a well-oiled machine. Our expert teamWe knows the market inside and out and understands what options will best fit your business. Utilizing a proven service model lifecycle and project plans with a personal touch, Sequoia’s orchestrated team will continually assess your business requirements, goals, and risks to meet the ever evolving needs of your organization. You have our support throughout the year, not just at renewal time

Elevated employee experience

Your employees will never have to deal directly with carriers. Whether it’s through our dedicated employee advocates or our self-service mobile app, your employees get a consistent, high-touch, service experience to help them better understand and utilize the benefits you provide.


We go above and beyond standard benefits offerings. Exclusive perks, wellness programs, global HR services, and compliance consulting ensure that you have the most comprehensive benefits package to meet your current needs and future growth.


We deliver solutions that grow with your business. From global benefits services, to self-funding/claims analysis, to technology implementation and support, we will always be one step ahead of your benefits needs.

A unified ecosystem of services

Sequoia Benefits Services perfectly complement our other superior service offerings, including 401(k) and risk management. Feel confident knowing that a trusted advisor is handling everything you need to protect your business and provide a stellar employee experience.

“What separates Sequoia from other benefit brokers is their focus on customer service and attention to detail.  Sequoia takes the burden of benefits administration off of my plate, and the feedback from our employees regarding their support is always stellar.  They have partnered with us so that we can provide our employees with a top notch benefit program at a cost that makes sense for the business.”


Helping employees live and work well

Your employees are your lifeblood. Show them that you value their commitment to the company by partnering with Sequoia to give them access to the best benefits possible. We negotiate Fortune 100-level, benchmarked packages to help you stay competitive in the job market and keep your employees happy and healthy:

Benchmarked Benefits Packages

Sequoia invests significant resources in benchmarking and educating you on what is being offered in the marketplace so your benefits package ranks among the best. We help you design and negotiate the optimal plans to protect the health of your employees, including medical (PPO, HMO, HSA), dental, vision, life, disability, income protection, COBRA, FSAs, and employee assistance.

Alternative Funding Strategy

When the time is right for you to evaluate creative funding solutions, we’re here to help. Sequoia has actuaries, underwriters, and expert consultants on staff to do cost modeling and risk modeling to help assess if self-insurance or other alternative funding solutions might meet your company’s long-term objectives.

Gossip-worthy Perks

Elevate the employee experience by offering the kinds of perks your employees will be excited and proud to share with their friends and family. Sequoia goes above and beyond the standard, delivering commuter benefits, discount programs, and perks that will delight your employees. Maybe you want to promote better health, support financial goals, or simply introduce a little fun into the work-life monotony. Maybe you want to sponsor a program your employees already know about but never thought they could get through their employer. The possibilities are exciting. Some of our partners include:

  • Fitbit
  • One Medical Group
  • Rocket Lawyer
  • SoFi
  • Personal Capital

Innovative Wellbeing Programs

Healthier employees mean lower risk for your business. Sequoia offers a team of savvy consultants who are dedicated to helping you define what wellness means to your company and innovating a strategy that joins existing and new offerings into a holistic program to promote a culture of health. Understanding what programs are right for your company and implementing them well can be a challenge. First, Sequoia gives you the tools to transform how you utilize data and drive wellness investments. For example, we can use biometric screenings of your entire employee population so that we can effectively compare the biometrics of your population to claims results. We also deliver innovative programs that bring key elements of wellbeing to your employees and instill a sense of community, purpose, and financial and physical health. Finally, Sequoia suggests a Wellbeing Calendar to take the guesswork out of developing a wellness program.

Global Benefits Services

Sequoia Global Services has solutions to address the entire spectrum of global benefits needs. Our team works on your behalf to ensure your employees are fully covered, no matter where they live or travel. We bring our global and local knowledge to you so you gain full control over your global strategy while maintaining continuity across global markets and nurturing a consistent employee culture.


Compliance Consulting & Resources

The complicated landscape of regulatory requirements from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), IRS, and ERISA makes it difficult to stay on top of your obligations. Sequoia understands that good compliance practices are a critical component in the administration of health and welfare benefits. We offer the administrative support, education, and tools you need to simplify, streamline, and ensure you meet all requirements.

HR Systems Support

Gone are the days of paper enrollment forms and fax machines. Streamline business processes, gain transparency, eliminate paper, and improve the employee experience by putting a technically sound solution in place for your company. Since inception, bringing together information has been an important part of Sequoia’s value proposition. As a backbone of our service offering, the Sequoia Canopy technology platform was designed to bring together data about your people and your benefits to drive understanding and action.

Our approach is to always use the right tools for the job while maintaining a consistent, high-touch service experience. That’s why Sequoia flexibly supports any HR system that works best for your company and even offers a top-of-the line benefits administration system to our clients. No matter which system you use, Sequoia’s enterprise-grade data integration layer ensures that your HR data is optimized and secure. We are also committed to supporting your company’s growth and guiding you through system transitions as your technology needs evolve.

Rich Analytics & Insights

There is little access to good data in healthcare, and data coordination is behind the times. This is one of the main reasons venture funding is pouring into the healthcare space in recent years, and one of the reasons Sequoia has heavily invested in our Sequoia Canopy technology platform to bring together information to drive understanding and action. Sequoia believes you should have access to your benefits program data considering its one of your largest ongoing expenses. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how the money you are spending on healthcare is benefiting your company? Sequoia is able to provide you with a level of data and insights on your benefits program so you can:

  • Find out how your claims compare to industry benchmarks
  • Identify what parts of your employee population are taking advantage of preventive care
  • Track company demographics and population trends over time
  • Actually do something with your biometric screening results
  • Evaluate when a transition to self-insurance is the right move

Employee Communication

You have Sequoia’s support throughout the year, not just at renewal time. Your employees will have access to a team of advocates dedicated to educating them on the value of the benefits your company provides, answering their questions, and resolving any issues they may encounter.

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