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1500+ Employees

Sequoia solutions for established companies

Size matters

While your headcount doesn’t necessarily define your benefits and insurance needs, Sequoia’s 18-year legacy advising companies of all sizes informs the approach we take with companies at each stage of growth. You’ve reached so many milestones as a company and can now feel secure in the rewards of a successful business model and a stable workforce. But with your established size comes some well-known big-company blues. Suddenly, the most talented players are passing you by for the lure of exciting startups. And while you have the infrastructure and resources to build a killer employee brand, you may be lacking the expertise to analyze and evaluate your existing programs. Sequoia won’t let you operate on autopilot. We continuously work with your team to bring innovative ideas to the table — whether it’s new ways to win the war for talent,  or a strategy to  drive down your costs.

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Helping you keep a fresh perspective

Sequoia takes a consultative approach with every client, starting with a discussion on your business priorities and needs. With your well-established programs in place, we’ll focus on analytics and benchmarking. How can we pull the strings to optimize compliance, lower your costs, help stand out in the uber-competitive job market, and boost employee logyalty? Our expert team knows what it takes to reinvent your employee experience.

Sequoia asks the questions that matter to continue to push the status quo.

  • Are you offering unique wellness perks to directly drive down claims costs?
  • Do you understand which benefits are high performers and which are underutilized?
  • Have you considered modeling pooling strategies to balance your risk globally?
  • Are you leveraging plan customizations to boost employee loyalty?
  • Have you considered an executive concierge service to protect your key stakeholders?
  • How do you rank against your peers and even smaller up-and-comers in the job market?

Sequoia Total

Sequoia Total is an all-inclusive solution that combines our expert knowledge of benefits, risk management, and HR best practices with all the services you need to simplify, integrate, and unify your employment strategy.

Flexible, expertly designed services

Sequoia offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to support your employment experience and perfectly complement your existing offerings.

Employee Benefits

Enrich the lives of your employees


Invest in your employees’ futures

Risk Management

Protect your business and people


Stay informed and in line


Promote healthy working and living

Global Services

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